Instructions to enter the latest Garena Freefire Giftcode

Freefire revenge day is an event organized by game publisher from date July 17 to date August 2There are many specials GIFTCODE will be distributed in the battlefields to survive on July 26 this.

To get detailed information about this event as well as future events, you can follow the official fan page of Freefire. Whereby, giftcode will be sent to battlefield groups to each province.

Freefire fanpage

How to enter the latest Freefire giftcode

Step 1: You start the game Freefire up. From the main interface, click on the icon green coconut tree menu column on the right

Impressed coconut tree icon

Step 2: Next, you choose the item News will see immediately Giftcode input place, please press Go to to continue.

Press Go to

Step 3: You guys enter Giftcode in the box and then press Import is done

Enter a Giftcode


  • Freefire Giftcode Latest
  • You need to enter all 12 characters of giftcode
  • Each account will only use 1 time with 1 giftcode code
  • Gifts will be sent directly to the character’s inventory. If it is gold or diamonds, gamers will be added to the account.

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