Tips for choosing the correct Maxim Garena Free Fire mushroom

In the past few days, the event Maxim Garena Free Fire mushroom selection contest is the most notable event of Garena dedicated to the gaming community. Specifically:

The Maxim mushroom competition is one of the big events of Free Fire Vietnam in early November. Participating in the event, players will have the opportunity to own Forever: Maxim character, 5 super hot outfits, 4 unique M1014 skins and lots of other attractive gifts.

Let’s learn about how to join EmergenceInGame as well as tips and instructions to choose the effective Maxim mushroom.

What are the gifts of the Maxim Mushroom Competition?

By participating in the event, any player can get:

  • Maxim exclusive permanent character.
  • Maxim’s Super Speed ​​Delivery skin forever.
  • The costume of Tet Canh Ty forever.
  • Vietnamese Ao Dai forever.
  • Forever love wave costume.
  • Sassy Girl costume forever.
  • Exclusive pangasius box with a high chance of owning 4 permanent guns.
  • Box character Maxim.

Details how to join the Maxim event?

Link event:

Exam to choose Maxim Free Fire

Players just need to log into the game at the fixed time frame and perform the daily tasks assigned:

The daily task is relatively easy to do
The daily task is relatively easy to do
  • Login game: receive 3 candy B.
  • Play time 15 minutes: receive 3 candy B.
  • Play any 3 combos: receive 3 candy B.
  • Play a match with your friends: get 4 candy B.
  • Kill 5 kills: get 4 candy B.

So if you work hard every day, players will receive at least 14 candy B (corresponding to 14 rounds of taking the Maxim mushroom selection contest), and this amount of candy B will accumulate during the event.

Next, the Maxim Mushroom Selection Competition:

  • Note: The Maxim mushroom selection contest is only open at 2 hours: 11:30 – 13:59 and 18:00 – 21:59. Only November 7 and November 8 will open all day.
  • Click the TEST NOW button to join the mushroom selection.
  • Each player will be paired with another player. Two players will compete to choose mushrooms of different colors. Each player will have 5s to pass each level.
  • In addition, each player will have 3 lives equivalent to 3 wrong choices.
  • If the player has not passed the level after 5 seconds, his part will stop there.
  • The player who wins is the player with the higher level. The winner will receive 1 mushroom badge which can be redeemed for gifts.
  • In the event of a tie there will be no winner and neither player will receive a mushroom badge.
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Tips to choose the Maxim mushroom accurately and effectively

Quickly select the correct mushroom of different color among a total of 9 mushrooms that appear on the screen
Quickly select the correct mushroom of different color among a total of 9 mushrooms that appear on the screen

Note that currently the number of participants is very large, so lag, unable to access the event page or finding a competitor often occurs. You need to be patient and calm to play. At first levels, finding the right mushroom of different colors is relatively simple because of the difference, but at the next level, the percentage of this color will decrease, making it difficult for players to distinguish. Besides that time also jumps faster:

Location of mushrooms of different colors appear from Level 2 to Level 8 (a total of 12 Levels for players to challenge). The little trick given by EmergenceInGame is to leave the screen brightness at the highest level, look at the angles to easily distinguish the difference in color. Good luck!

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