Levels of battle, ranked in League of Legends

LoL Wild Rift’s ratings, matches and ratings

League of Legends: Speed ​​War (League of Legends: Wild Rift) is an online multiplayer battle arena video game released by Riot. Like other online arena games, it also has a ranking match mode. Ranked match mode helps categorize players into different ranks. This is the basis of determining a player’s knowledge, skills and team spirit in the game. So, let’s learn the basics of ranking mode and matches’s League of Legends: Speed ​​War in the article below.

List of rank ranks in League of Legends

In the League of Legends version there is a total of 10 ranks and each rank has 4 ranks. For example, the player will rank up from Iron 4 to Iron 1 before going to Bronze 4

  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Yellow
  • Platinum
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Player
  • Great master
  • Challenge

Rank system

General principles

After each League of Legends season, rank and rank order will be recalculated from the beginning. Players will have to start “plowing again” to achieve high rankings. Every time a new season begins, the player will be marked as unranked. Whenever you start ranking, you must complete 10 ranked matches.

After completing your first match, you will be assigned to start ranking. Each win gives you 2 ratings points and no penalty for losing. After all ranked matches have been completed, you will receive a confirmation rank to begin.

Key points for ranked matches in League of Legends: Quick War

Rated score

These are the points that divide a player’s current rank. The ranking system starts from the Iron-Emerald tier. Each win will yield 1 point and lose 1 point will be deducted. The grading system does not apply to the Iron-Copper tier.

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Rank Fortitue

While playing ranked matches, if you are on a winning streak, the game will grant you great rewards. The reward can be more money or two points in a single win.

Winning point

From diamond tier to master, the ranking point system is replaced with victory points. As you continue to climb, it becomes more difficult.

Winning point

Each ranked match that you win, you will get a certain number of points. To advance to the next level up, you must receive 100 Victory points. There is a system of gradual points reduction for players. If you are inactive for a while, you will lose points gradually.

Ranking for Prohibition mode

Bans and picks is a game mode introduced in ranked matches where players have to pick a specific champion and lock it. After the champion is locked, it cannot be exchanged.

Line up 1/2/3

The game allows you to line up with your friends in a lobby with up to 3 players. Currently, the new game only supports up to 3 players and in the future, the publisher can maximum up to 5 players in the lobby.

The process of finding battles in League of Legends: Speed ​​War

This stage of the game is considered the most important part. The more elaborate the match-finding process, the better the experience in the game. The developers have worked a lot to maintain the fairest match.

Find the LOL match

To queue in the lobby, players must have the same rank. For example, if you’re in platinum, then you can play against emeralds and gold players. The opponent will also only include players from this range.

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Promotion chain

The promotion chain will help players climb the ranks faster. As said before, the higher the rank, the more difficult it gets. Ranking chain will solve that problem more easily.

  • Iron Level – Bronze: 2 wins = success, 3 losses = defeat
  • Silver Level – Diamond: 3 wins = success, 3 losses = defeat
  • Master Rank – Challenge: No promotion streak

Rewards for ranked matches in League of Legends

The rewards of ranked matches are very interesting and huge compared to matches in other modes. Prizes and privileges are awarded at the end of each season. But often times, there are special rewards in the middle of the season when something is achieved.

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