Instructions to download for free H1Z1 – “Predecessors” of PUBG right here

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With gamers PUBGthe name Brendan Greene was no longer a stranger. The “father” of PUBG is considered one of the most influential developers today when it comes to the craze. Battle Royale in the gaming world. However, few people know that before creating PUBG, Brendan Greene used to stand in the ranks H1Z1. At that time, he was invited by Sony to be a consultant for the development studio to be impressed by the Mods he had made for DayZ nice Arma 3. That’s why for many people, H1Z1 can somewhat be considered the “predecessor” of PUBG, which is famous today.


Now, after a long time of operation and going through many ups and downs, H1Z1 is officially free. Gamers can now enjoy this Battle Royale style game without spending a dime. To help readers experience this game on PC, Emergenceingame.Com would like to have a guide to download and install the game right here.


Step 1: To download H1Z1, you need a Steam account. If you don’t have one, you can create an account (free) and download Steam to your computer here:​

Step 2: After successfully installing Steam on the machine. You use the account you created to log in to this software. Continue to navigate to the “Store” section, enter the game name H1Z1 in the Search bar to find it.


Step 3: When you go to the game page on Steam, you continue to click on the “Play Game” box. Then a notice board will appear, you just need to choose where to install the game and press Next to be able to start Download H1Z1.


You can also access the game page via the browser via the link:

Wish you happy gaming. Emergenceingame.Com will continuously have tutorials about H1Z1 Future.

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