Spider-Man reveals release date, promises to not charge in-game fees

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Spider-Man has always been the focus of attention since the first information about this game was revealed. Through the photos and demos played last year, the game captivated fans thanks to its excellent graphics quality and gameplay that allows players to transform 100% into Spiderman. Recently, Sony has continued to reveal a few more images and other information of Spider-Man. Most importantly, the release time of the game has been set on September 7 this year.

The world in Spider-Man will be an open world, so that players can freely toss themselves between skyscrapers at will, without being tied to certain routes of the plot. You can fly, climb, shoot nets and land around the magnificent New York City just to enjoy the view or take some selfies with passersby. The game supports a selfie mechanism so that players can record their memorable moments and share with friends.


Another good news for fans, is that Spider-Man will not have any form of “microtransaction” in the game. No loot boxes or fashion items… or if you do, you won’t lose real money buying them, but can be earned just by playing the game. Obviously, Sony has learned more than enough from the failures of fellow game studios, such as Ubisoft with Shadow of War or EA with Battlefront II.


New York City in Spider-Man is also promised to become one of the widest open world maps (4 to 6 times larger than Sunset Overdrive). Some fans even studied all the published pictures of Spider-Man to show that this is the New York City in-game that is closest to real life, when there are enough architectures. features similar sizes. According to a Sony spokesman, New York itself can be considered a character in the game, as players can interact with the people here in many ways, such as waving, gesturing, or even Even take pictures as mentioned above.


Spider-Man will run at 30 fps on PS4 and Pro, even when in photo mode. Players can even control MJ ​​– the girlfriend who is hated more than loved by Spider-Man fans. Of course, hate it or love it, these are definitely especially interesting experiences for those who love Peter Parker. In addition, the game will focus on characters who have appeared in the universe Marvel, rather than creating new characters of your own. Therefore, fans will have the opportunity to meet the heroes and villains they love again, without having to worry about “getting acquainted” with “new people”.

Spider-Man will be released on PS4 on September 7 this year.

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