Instructions to install the game Gunny Launcher on PC

Gunny Is one coordinates shooter extremely familiar to us, this is one of the classic coordinate shooter monuments today with an extremely eye-catching graphic interface and up to 11 years old, along with many other versions. each other on the phone and the web.

However, nowadays, according to the development of technology, some browsers have Notice to stop Flash support And that is why we may not be able to play this game on the web version. Because of this, this game has released a version of the game on the computer called Gunny Launcher. Today, will introduce the steps to install Gunny Launcher game on the computer, please follow the article.

Video instructions to install the game Gunny Launcher on PC

Instructions to install the game Gunny Launcher on PC

Step 1: To download game Gunny Launcher On your computer, first you need to click on the download button below.

Download Gunny Launcher on Windows

Step 2: Next, please click on the button Download.

Click the Download button

Step 3: Press the button Download on the right side of the main download path for this game.

Click the Download button

Step 4: Choose a folder on the computer to store the game download file, then press the button Save so that the download of the game is started.

Click the Save button

Step 5: Wait a moment for the game Gunny to download to your computer, then open the folder where you have the game’s download file, then click zip file of the game to unzip.

Unzip the game

Step 6: After unzipping, the game login interface will be displayed on the screen. Now please Gunny account login button or mouse click sign up now to create an account.

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Login interface of the game Gunny Launcher

Wish you all success!

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