Instructions on how to unlock when blocked from Facebook likes and comments

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In the process of using Facebook, you must have been blocked from liking, commenting and texting for a few days, making you feel uncomfortable when you can only read messages and view photos. So how to unlock when blocked like, comment on Facebook? Let’s follow the article below of!

To prevent distractions and abuse, Facebook enforce the policies that users must follow when using this social network. Violating members may be blocked from some Facebook features or even have their accounts temporarily disabled. Being blocked from likes and comments is a “penalty” that many people have encountered. This will affect your interactions with friends or customers on Facebook. In this article, will guide you how to unlock when blocked from Facebook likes and comments.

How to lock facebook when you like and comment

Instructions on how to unlock when blocked from likes and comments on Facebook

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Why are you blocked from liking and commenting on Facebook?

Like other social networks, Facebook strives to build a healthy environment for users when Facebook becomes the most sought-after place for people to experience, share and connect with friends and family. That’s why Facebook has set community standards that include do’s and don’ts. If you’ve been blocked from Facebook likes and comments, you’ve probably violated one of those things, such as:

– Post spam content.
– Share violent, inciting and objectionable content.
– Fraud, fraud.
– Comment on someone else’s post and that person complains, you will be blocked.
– Like, share, comment too many times in a row, repeating.

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It’s also possible that you’re not able to like or leave comments because your browser is affecting the way you interact with Facebook. To check if this is true, open Facebook in another web browser. Make sure you are logged into the correct Facebook account and try to like/comment on any post. If that doesn’t work, clear your browser’s cache, restart your browser, update it to the latest version, and disable any Facebook-related extensions. In case the problem is still not resolved, continue to learn how to unblock Facebook likes and comments shared below.

How to unlock when blocked like, comment Facebook

To unlock when blocked from Facebook likes, shares, comments, you need to respond to the complaint to Facebook and clearly state that something is wrong here. You do the following:

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account.
Step 2: Try commenting or liking any post.
Step 3: If you’re blocked from commenting, you’ll receive a notification in English with a link at the bottom of the bulletin board. Click on it to open the “complaint” form.
Step 4: Enter a description of the situation you are facing in English.
Step 5: Press send and wait for a response from Facebook.

How can I get facebook messages like comments and messages?

Or when logged into Facebook, you can click on question mark next to the notification icon and select Report a problem > Something went wrong. Then choose an option that suits your case at school Where did the incident happen? and enter a description of the situation you are facing in English in the field What happen?add a photo if necessary and press Send.

After successfully unlocking, try to use one of the many Software to automatically send facebook messages as well as Like, Comment here to serve my work.

Similarly, many times Facebook also blocks Livestream. However, don’t worry because you can fix it when you refer to the article on how to open Livestream. If that doesn’t work, you can ask Facebook for help.

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