How to prevent network cuts with Netcut

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The way to prevent network cuts by Netcut gives you an effective solution, helping your home network no longer falter when there are many users. Join to see instructions on how to fight the network using Netcut below.

Netcut is software running on Windows platform, its task is to paralyze the transmission of IPs in the same LAN (local area network). It is frustrating when someone uses netcut in the same network, because you can lose connection or drop the network at any time, and sometimes it is difficult to access again.

So to understand more about Netcut and how network cut prevention? Please refer to the content below for more details.

Instructions on how to prevent network cuts with Netcut

Download and install the latest version of Netcut

Method 1: Rename the computer

Rename the computer and Netcut will identify you as another computer on the same network. However, this method can only be used once.

Right click on My Computer select Properties.

netcut and style

Select Change Settings.

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Next from Computer Name > Computer Descriptionyou enter the new computer name and reboot.

  netcut room

Method 2: Use Anti Netcut

First you download Anti Netcut about the device and configuration.

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Then you just run Anti Netcut every time you go to the network.

netcut and style, how to make cat with netcut, style netcut

Method 3: Using Kaspersky Internet Security

The last way is that you use an antivirus software with ARP to prevent Netcut. One of the software that we recommend you to use is Kaspersky Internet Security, or KIS for short. If you don’t have it, check it out Install Kaspersky Internet Security that we have provided.
So has just introduced to you Netcut and how to prevent network interruption. These are the 3 most useful methods and are still applicable today. There are some other methods such as using netcut to “double work” or using DOS commands to manipulate, which do not bring positive results. You should refer to the article instead top 5 network connection management software Best to hone your networking knowledge.

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