How to filter non-interactive friends on Facebook

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Many Facebook users have thousands of friends but the amount of interaction on Facebook is very small and want to unfriend those people. So how can you filter non-interactive friends on Facebook in the fastest way? Follow the article below of to do that!

Maybe you’ve been in the mood recently to clean up your Facebook friends list? After many years, you must have a large number of friends on Facebook, but many of them you do not know and never interact with. They don’t comment on your posts and you never see them update anything. Besides, as the digital world evolves, online threats increase dramatically, which means tighter control over who can access your information becomes extremely important. .

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Instructions on how to filter friends who have not interacted for a long time on Facebook

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In this article, will show you how to filter non-interactive friends on Facebook extremely easily to keep only those who are really friends by using the Multiple Tools for Facebook extension.

Filter and remove non-interactive Facebook friends quickly

Multiple Tools for Facebook is a web browser extension that enhances the Facebook user experience by providing a range of useful tools, including a filter for less interactive friends. You just need to follow these simple steps to know the number of comments and interactions of your friends, then proceed to unfriend if necessary, especially with those you don’t know.

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Step 1: Open Chrome and add the Multiple Tools for Facebook extension to the browser.

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Step 2: After successful installation, you will see a wrench icon blue at the bottom right of the browser’s address bar. Click on it to open the tool panel of Multiple Tools for Facebook.

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Step 3: Make sure you’re logged into Facebook on Chrome. In the tool panel on the left, click Tools and choose Interaction Scanner.

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Step 4: You wait a moment for the scan to complete. This tool will help you count the number of interactions like Comments on Facebook between you and your friends. Then you can get to know the so called “friends only” on Facebook.

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Step 5: You click Tools again and choose Friends Remover. This tool will help you remove a bunch of friends you choose at once. Here, just tick the people you already know they didn’t interact with you on Facebook through the previous scan and click the button Bye Bye > Unfriend to delete.

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So, instead of wasting time manually filtering your Facebook friends list, you can easily take advantage of a tool like Multiple Tools for Facebook to take care of this for you. This extension also has many other features that you may find useful during your use of Facebook. In addition, you can refer to How to cancel a friend request on Facebook mass here, in case you have sent many friend requests to many people but don’t remember who.
You refer to how to use Multiple Tools to use more functions, in addition to filtering friends, using Multiple Tools most effectively.

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