Instructions on how to play Red Alert 2

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Red Alert 2 There are 2 different player modes including LAN allowing players to experience the game with friends and other gamers without using an Internet connection. The following article will guide you how to play Red Alert 2, for reference.

Red Alert 2 or full name is Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2, is a real-time strategy game, 2.5D graphics by Westwood Studios, first released for Windows in 2000. Red Alert 2 is set in war. The Allied and Soviet campaigns took place intensely and fiercely. The game suddenly created a resounding success and became one of the most attractive historical strategy products, a monument in the hearts of a whole generation of players. Let’s learn how to play Red Alert 2 with to experience this fascinating game.

how to play red alert 2

How to play Red Alert 2

Instructions on how to play Red Alert 2

If you have not installed the game Red Alert 2, please refer to the method install the game Red Alert 2 here

1. Evaluation, general comments

It can be said that with the strategy game series in general and the Red Alert 2 game in particular, it is not advisable, unnecessary and inappropriate to define a certain style of play with the nature of this game genre. Each person will have their own way of fighting, preferences as well as tactics to have the final victory. So, about the instructions on how to play, we only ask for instructions on basic operations or lead some ways to play with more or less subjectivity for readers to refer to and create new gameplay in the game Red Alert 2. .

2. Instructions on how to play Red Alert 2 and in-game notes

In the game Red Alert 2, each campaign has a different task to complete. Depending on the mission, you can use the fighting style flexibly to suit the best. However, one thing is for sure, in any mission you also need to produce soldiers, build bases, dispatch troops, destroy enemy buildings… The important thing is how you do it fast. Best.

3. Materials for building construction and production of formations

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All activities of the game are based on collecting money. In the game, money can be collected in many ways. The most common is to use Miner vehicles to collect ore (Ore) or gems and transport them to a refiner. Players can also gain an abundance of money by capturing h Tech Derricks (neutral buildings that appear in some maps). Gamers can also earn money by collecting random crates present in the map and selling buildings controlled by the player.

4. Types of works

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In the game, there are 5 types of construction including Construction Yard (for buildings), Barracks (infantry units), War Factory (mechanized units), Naval Shipyard (for naval units) only in Allied, Air Force Command (Harrier or Black Eagles). Note at any point in a game where a maximum of one building or unit can be constructed in each form, having more builders simply increases production speed.

Note that you should build a house with the maximum distance to build a Gold house close to the gold mine to help the car move faster to significantly increase the amount of money you need.

5. Characteristics of countries

The factions have basically similar buildings but have different parts of high-class buildings and defensive structures. In addition, each country has a special ability that is usually a single unit. With exceptions like the American Paradrops – drop GI troops every few minutes and the French defense is the Cannon Grand. To build one of the more advanced units, the more advanced building must first be constructed. Advanced buildings and defensive structures can only be constructed if another base building is available.

6. How to choose a tank in Red Alert 2

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In addition, the Soviet side has a $900 price increase that is cheap and strong. This type can both move and shoot, combined with dogs will create great effect when approaching enemy tanks. And the Irish faction has a tank that is weaker but cheaper. When increased by 1 star can shoot faster and defend stronger. If this type is combined with dogs and flying soldiers, it will be highly effective when attacking. The first 3 minutes when playing is the most important time because then you will be able to do a lot of things such as finding a way to buy a car that sucks gold and building a reasonable house.

Red Alert 2 also has more mods, creating more maps, not to mention other expansions like Red Alert 3 released for PC, Xbox 360, PS3 systems… In general, Red Alert 2 is a game title. attractive, a classic game loved by many people around the world.

Above is a guide on how to play Red Alert 2 game, a very attractive computer war game for players. Besides, you can refer to How to play Road RashRoad Redemption, a legendary racing game, has a new version with better graphics, a variety of gameplay, more equipment and vehicles.
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