Tips for using the most effective PUBG Mobile pistol

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In PUBG Mobile battles, pistols are one of the weapons that players will usually pick up first instead of rifles or shotguns, because of the high occurrence rate, it is important to use guns effectively. very necessary.

PUBG Mobile gamers can carry 2 pistols in their luggage, in case when one is out of ammo, they can pull out the other to shoot again. With such a strategy, you have the ability to increase your chances of surviving or destroying the enemy to a very high level.

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The best strategy for using PUBG Mobile pistols

What is PUBG Mobile Pistol?

Have you ever wondered if pistols are really useless when they take up a lot of space in the backpack (carrying bullets), instead of weapons like rifles, shotguns or shotguns? Not to mention some titles or quests that require players to kill others with pistols? And in this article Taimienphi will bring you some information about this weapon.

Pistols in PUBG Mobile have all 7 types including P1911, P92, P18C, R1895, Deagle, Skorpion and R45. Some types use the same ammo but all deal different damage and the list below will give you complete information about the 7 guns currently present in the PUBG Mobile game.

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Should I use a pistol?

Of course it should. If talking about the amount of damage done to the opponent, they will certainly never be equal to other weapons (rifles, sniper rifles … ). But you can use PUBG pistols before picking up heavy weapons, or use when your main weapon runs out of ammunition instead of waiting for reloading. When reloading, you become defenseless in the fierce attacks of the enemy and this is when you should use pistols in PUBG Mobile.

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Deagle, R1895 or R45 is one of the guns that we often use when playing PUBG Mobile. They have a moderate amount of damage and low recoil, so even new players can use them well, their only weakness is the small magazine. Otherwise, use P92 or P18C to discharge a lot of bullets, the more you shoot, the greater the chance that they will target.

If your recoil control is not good, equip them with a recoil-reducing barrel, providing stability when shooting and useful when launching attacks in silence. No one can hear your gunfire, suitable for scheming or guerrilla fighting.

In short, using pistols when playing PUBG Mobile is a very necessary thing, you can use them during fights when the main weapon runs out of ammo, when the main weapon has not been picked up when it first fell and they have reload speed faster than any other weapon.
Each weapon in PUBG Mobile has its own value and how to use them properly depends on each person’s playing style, pistols are not an exception. If you like using pistols, then please refer to the article about top sniper gun in PUBG Mobile most used In our opinion, choosing the right weapon is essential in every fight.

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