Instructions to get the Space Duck skin for free in Play Together

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During the past Play Together is a life simulation role-playing game that many people love and care about. Like other online games, Play Together also regularly organizes events or themes, to help players receive many free rewards and costumes from the game system. Especially recently, this game has released a theme reward Free Space Duck Box.

When receiving the Space Duck Box, the player can receive Space Duck skin along with many other attractive gifts. To help players easily get these rewards, today will introduce the article Instructions to get Space Duck skin for free in Play Together, invite you to consult.

Instructions to open the Space Duck Box reward on Play Together

Step 1: To get a free Space Duck skin, we will first Open and log in to the game Play Together on your phone.

Step 2: In the main interface of the game, click number of gems your current at the top of the screen.

Tap the number of gems

Step 3: In the window to load gems at this time, press and item Lottery by theme on the left side of the screen.

Tap on thematic Draw

Step 4: Now on topic Cosmic Taste Box, tap the . button Free of charge Below is the image of the spaceship.

Click the Free button

Step 5: On the screen when this appears the rewards that you will receive when opening the Space Duck Box, then click the button Free of charge.

Tap the Free button

Step 6: Then we will Watch the promotional video for about 15s is that you will get a Space Duck Box and opening it you can get a Space Duck skin or other rewards.

Tap the screen to get the reward

Attention: Every day, players can get and open 5 times the Space Duck Box for free.

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Wishing you success!

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