PUBG Mobile: Instantly pocket tips to rank up quickly

Ranking up has always been the dream of every PUBG Mobile gamer. However, you do not have to play more or play for a long time to rank up. If you are still struggling to rank up in PUBG Mobile, please refer to a few little tips below of the Game for fun.

Definition of rank

Rank in online games is generally understood as the player’s rank in the game, which means that the higher the rank, the higher the player’s level. Along with that, you will also receive high value rewards corresponding to your rank.

How rank points are calculated

Rank is calculated by rating score (Rank point) accumulated during the season. In which the first 10 matches will determine your position, in which if you win a lot of matches, you will have a high position as well as save time climbing rank later. After those 10 matches, the score will be calculated according to each match.

Rank Point = Kills + Rank

In which 2 indexes Kill and Places higher will accumulate more points.

Besides Rank Point also depends on the survivability and current Rank rank of the player, specifically for Diamond Rank as follows

  • top 1 : 8 kills earn +30 Rank Points.
  • Top 10 : 1 kills earn +20 Rank Points.
  • Top 100 : 0 kills get -20 Rank Points.

Levels of rank points on PUBG MOBILE

Rank matches will place players of the same or approximately level with each other to ensure fairness. Therefore, 6 different game modes will have 6 different ranks respectively.

PUBG has 8 different Rank levels corresponding to the appropriate ranking points (Rank Point) as shown in the table below

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Rank ranking system

Tips to climb rank fast

Play Classic mode instead of Arcade

Select Classic mode

Basically, PUBG Mobile has 2 main game modes Classic (Classic) and Entertainment (Arcade). In it, only mode Classic new help you improve Rank Point and point evaluation (Rating) to rank the player’s rank. And the mode Arcade Mainly for newbies who are familiar with the game so there will be no rank calculation, so if you play this mode you will not be able to increase your rank.

Avoid parachuting into crowded areas

Parachuting without people

If you parachute down to places where there are a lot of players like big cities, it means that you are easily “hit by bullets” and have to leave the game immediately, especially new players. That you know Rank score depends a lot on the time of the player’s survival. So, choose a skydive place with no people to prolong your life as long as possible.

Focus on loot first aid

Loot first aid kit

Basically PUBG is a survival game so the player who is “tough” will win. So, instead of just “taking care” of loot weapons and ammunition “delicious peach branches”, remember to loot as many ambulances, healing, energy drinks as possible. Because they are needed in the late game. In addition, there is one more thing that very few gamers know is that when you lose blood while fighting, the heal you will be graded Rank.

Select the Sanhok map

Map of Sanhok

With the area ranked as the smallest in all maps of PUBG, so the match pace will be pushed higher than the other maps. In addition, Sanhok also contains a lot of “genuine” items for gamers to comfortably loot.

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Focus on survival

Focus on survival

Many players mistakenly think that the more “killers” you get, the more enemies Rank score will be higher. However, the reality is not so, PUBG will spend 80% of the rating for your survival time and your rankings in the game, while the kill skill is only counted 20%. evaluate. Therefore, survival is the key to climbing ranks fastest.

Hopefully with the little suggestions of the Fun Game, you have added important skills to increase your rank on PUBG Mobile.

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