Instructions for using sniper rifles in Garena Free Fire

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Sniper is a very cool title that many shooter games aim for and Garena Free Fire is no exception. The feeling of defeating enemies from a distance that the naked eye can only see tiny dots is really a great feeling even if you can only do them a few times. Taimienphi would like to offer a few tips that can hopefully help you become a superior sniper in Garena Free Fire.

1. Choosing the right sniper rifle

Battle Royale games like Free Fire often divide sniper rifles into two types, Bolt-action and Semi-auto, and players need to understand the working mechanism of these two guns before choosing the right gun for them. how.

Huong Dan Dung Ban Tia in garena free fire

Tips to become the ultimate sniper in Garena Free Fire

– Bolt-action are sniper rifles with a single-shot mechanism, after each shot, the gunman must manually reload. This mechanism makes it easier to control normal Bolt-action guns as they only have 1 phase of recoil due to gunpowder pushing the bullet, which also reduces energy dissipation. bullets, allowing them to fly away with more power. However, this 1-shot loading mechanism also makes Bolt-action guns often lose their mobility in the shot, requiring the user to have extremely accurate shooting skills in just 1 to 2 shots if do not want to lose their prey. Some of the Bolt-action guns in Free Fire are Kar98k, AWM

free fire 2 in garena free fire 2

Kar98k is a Bolt-action sniper rifle

– Semi-auto are guns with automatic reloading mechanism similar to assault rifles to help increase mobility in combat, the ability to continuously fire also helps the user easily center the main aim. more accurate in the next bullets. Due to the automatic loading mechanism, it creates 3 stages of recoil, 1 recoil backwards due to the process of ejecting the bullet, the 2nd time recoils backwards due to the gunpowder blowing back causing the shuttle to recoil back into the set. buffer to release the shell and a third time recoil forward due to the shuttle pushing back to the original position to bring the next bullet to the barrel. This process makes the Semi-auto guns much harder to control the recoil as well as reduces the bullet’s precision after each shot. And yet, this rotational loading process also reduces the energy of the next bullets, leading to the bullet’s lack of power and limited range than Bolt-action. Some types of Semi-auto guns in Free Fire can be mentioned as SKS, M14, Dragunov SVD…

In addition, relatively long-range assault rifles such as the Groza, AK47, M4A1 and even medium machine guns like the M249, if the 4X scope is attached, can become a good sniper rifle.

Free fire 3 game in garena free fire 3

The M14 is a Semi-auto . sniper rifle

Bolt-action is suitable for fixed sniper situations, usually hiding in a fixed position while semi-auto can be used in more flexible combat situations, changing positions. Continuous intelligence, useful from long-range sniping to medium and close-range gunfights.

Of course, no one is forcing you to rigidly use these 2 guns according to the above situations because you only use them in video games, where you can flexibly use between Bolt and Semi without having to obey. in accordance with the real-life pattern. Choose Bolt when you feel you can be sure every shot is accurate without having to change position or hunt too much, choose Semi when you want to maneuver to hunt and be ready for combat. close range. Or if you can masterly use both guns, your sniper level begins to reach the top level already.

2. Define sniper style

As is known, Bolt is usually suitable for fixed sniper hiding situations while Semi is useful in more mobile hunting situations. But as mentioned above, that is in real life, and in the game Garena Free Fire, you can freely use Bolt or Semi in any case. The problem here is which sniper style you choose.

free fire 4 game in garena free fire 4

Whether playing PUBG or Free Fire, players need to determine their shooting style

With a fixed stealth style, the first thing that you need to do is choose clothes that match the map environment you are playing in to avoid being exposed as much as possible. The next thing is that you need to remember the areas with a lot of people parachuting, then track the position of the circle to determine the route that will definitely have enemies moving through. Finally, choose a good sniper position near that route, the higher the position, the more convenient, but remember that there must be terrain to hide, but you cannot choose a location that is too empty. Now you can wait for the prey to come and handle it neatly, remember to pay attention to the circle to move soon to the next sniper position if you don’t want to become a target.

With the mobile hunting style, this is quite a noisy style and can seem to inform the whole map of your location. So when playing in this style, you have to constantly move, change position after a few shots, as long as you can always catch the prey and avoid being deceived by others, if A silencer is better. Remember that you are a hunter, so always look for places where there are likely to be crowds of people, such as near a drop-off point, where enemies fire flares. Choose a high point nearby but far enough away to not be detected by the enemy.

3. Handle the situation decisively

Real-life snipers are always trained to keep a cool head in all situations whether the situation turns out to be positive or negative. For Free Fire is no exception, a lot of people will feel panicked when they can’t shoot down their opponents but even let them heal and return to surround and destroy. Remember that you are a hunter and there is nothing better than when the prey finds you, calmly move to a new position as far away from the last firing position as possible, making sure the enemy does not know you are moving. How they move depends on the terrain because they are still busy healing. If there is a mine, place it near the last firing position to trap the enemy, calmly wait for them to move into the most favorable range and quickly destroy.

dan dan dan ban tia in garena free fire 5

In a survival shooter game, there will be countless situations, you need to be decisive with your choices, avoid hesitating for too long, which will create conditions for the enemy. You need to be alert, don’t try to eat sticky rice in all situations, give up the sniper style and switch to guns like AR, SMG to fight the enemy. Withdrawing is also a good choice and sometimes you need to do it to ensure your own safety before coming back strong.

4. Bach Phat hit a hit

The last and most important thing, you can’t just go into the normal game to be able to become a superior sniper, you can’t wish that the bullet will automatically hit the opponent. No matter what you do, you have to go through an arduous training process, any professional gamer must have such a process, but no one suddenly shoots a hundred shots. Practice every day, learn how to effectively use each type of sniper rifle, practice the ability to determine the distance of the enemy to be able to focus more accurately, semi-auto is the right gun for shooting. forged short center distance.

You can see the manual Using sniper rifles in Free Fire the right way here. Hopefully through this article, you can recognize your own weaknesses and improve your abilities every day. You’re on your way to becoming an elite sniper already, have fun playing the game.

Currently, Free Fire has versions for Android, IOS and PC, you can download the appropriate version below:
– Download Free Fire for Android
– Download Free Fire for iOS
– Download Free Fire for PC

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