Minecraft Earth officially released in the UK and 8 other countries

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The full version of Minecraft Earth is finally rolling out in some countries around the world, although Minecraft Earth doesn’t appear in the regions you’d expect. Mojang and Microsoft have confirmed that the virtual reality simulation game is now available on Android and iOS in 9 countries.

World adventure Minecraft Earth are themed mini-journeys that last for a limited time. They are optimized for multiplayer and use the two latest technologies available today in the World. The first is dedicated servers to make the game more stable, and the second is Azure Spatial Neoors (ASA), which allows your world creations to transfer to other players’ mobile devices.

minecraft earth conquers the UK and 8 other countries

Minecraft Earth is officially released in the UK and 8 other countries.

The Augmented Reality game Minecraft Earth released today in the UK and other territories now available for download in Early Access. Players with mobile devices running iOS or Android can download the game Minecraft Earth. Here is a list of 9 countries where Minecraft Earth has been released:

– UK
– Canada
– South Korea
– Philippines
– Sweden
– Mexico
– Australia
– New Zealand
– Iceland

And early access isn’t the only notable announcement right now, as new features have been added to the game that even Closed Beta participants haven’t had a chance to access yet. Crafting and Metallurgy in Minecraft Earth added to make it more consistent with the original Minecraft. Forge Ores into ingots, allowing you to use them to craft useful items. Collect the necessary supplies and you will not have to go around the world looking for a place to make, you can do it on the spot.

minecraft earth conquers the UK and 8 other countries 2

Finally, a few new mobs also joined the game. Muddy Pig, Moobloom, Jumbo Rabbit, and Cluckshroom are all available as soon as the game is released on Android and iOS. In Minecraft Earth, players create structures with Minecraft blocks using AR that are displayed on their phone screen. You can travel to different areas of the real world and interact with other players and create your own.

Ruby is a currency that appears in the world of Minecraft Earth, players can earn Ruby in Minecraft Earth for free by going around, looking for Tapables resource blocks. Download and install Minecraft Earth to own Ruby now.

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