How to get Free Nuclear Throne game

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In the first few days of November, Epic Games portal continues to release classic games for free, specifically, players can receive Free Nuclear Throne game by logging in to their account and participating in the incentive program.

Nucle Throne is a new top-down shooter, in Nucle Throne, you will roam around the world, collecting powerful weapons and fighting monsters, protecting your beautiful planet from the machinations of the wicked.

how to get free game nuclear throne

First person shooter game

Instructions to get the Nuclear Throne game for free

Step 1: As mentioned above, to receive Nuclear Throne for free you need to own an Epic Games Store account, proceed to register for a Nuclear Throne account here or you can follow the instructions linked below.

Step 2: After completing the account registration steps, please log in to the Epic Games Store game portal and navigate to the section Free Game Every Week, click the game icon Nuclear Throne.

how to get free game nuclear throne 2

Step 3: The system automatically takes you to the main interface of the game Nuclear Throne on Epic Games Store, click Get to start the process of getting this cool and exciting first person shooter for free.

how to get free game nuclear throne 3

So you have just completed the steps to receive Nuclear Throne for free on the Epic Games copyrighted game system. You can download and install the game Nuclear Throne whenever you like, wherever you want as long as you keep your game account.

Not only that, players can also get free Ruiner shooter right there, with the same ways as Nuclear Throne, register an account if you don’t have one, log in and get the game for free. The event period lasts only 1 week, starting from November 7 until the end of November 14 for 2 games Nuclear Throne and Ruiner.

Link download game Nuclear Throne

Hurry up and download the Nuclear Throne game now before the program ends, it is known that the Nuclear Throne shooter has always attracted the attention of gamers around the world so far.
– Link to download PC version: Nuclear Throne for PC

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