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At the moment, PUBG Mobile players can participate in a special mode called PUBG Zombile, PUBG Zombile players will experience a similar experience to what Resident Evil 2’s Leon and Claire have to go through in the game. game.

With the cooperation of PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 2, A newly launched game that is causing fever has allowed users to play PUBG Zombile, a simulation mode inspired by Resident Evil 2 but with PUBG Mobile style. This event brings the innovation of PUBG Mobile and Its time is limited never mind.

pubg zombie game guide

How to play PUBG Zombile on your phone

Instructions to play PUBG Zombile

Step 1: To play PUBG Mobile, you just need to update PUBG Mobile to the latest version to be able to play, and you definitely have to update because this is a request from PUBG Mobile.

– Load PUBG Mobile for iPhone here.
– Load PUBG Mobile for Android here.

PUBG Zombie 2 game guide

Step 2: Right at the interface of PUBG Mobile you have seen the completely changed scene, this is the scene in Residen Evil 2.

PUBG Zombie 3 game guide

Step 3: Here you just need to select the item Event Mode Then enter and play, PUBG Zombile mode will still have a survival style but shoot Zombie and in this mode players are required to play in groups of 4 people.

PUBG Zombie 4 game guide

Step 4: Here PUBG Mobile will limit the game screen so that players can choose the most concentrated place according to their group.

pubg zombie game guide 5

Step 5: Run fast to pick up guns and get ready for PUBG Zombile for 2 consecutive nights, the number of Zombies will increase gradually over time of the game.

PUBG Zombie 6 game guide

Step 6: Don’t forget after killing each Zombie, check their corpses because you can pick up a lot of different weapons and equipment.

PUBG Zombie 7 game guide

Step 7: When night falls, the number of Zombies spawning is a lot, you will even find that Licker and Tyrant will also appear in PUBG Zombile.

PUBG Zombie 8 game guide

Step 8: Be careful because the big and fat Zombies will be stronger and stronger, so players need to be sure to stay close to their teammates to receive timely support.

pubg zombie game guide 9

And like other modes in PUBG Mobile, if you finish with high rank, you will get more rewards and also use it to redeem special gifts from PUBG Zombile event.

pubg zombie game guide 10

Above is a guide on how to play PUBG Zombile, the PUBG Zombile event has a limited time. This is also your chance to earn Resident evil 2 style items. So don’t miss the opportunity to own these special costumes when playing PUBG Mobile.

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