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For those who are playing Minecraft, it is no stranger to the pets in this game. In fact, they are not naturally created pets, but are the animals (mobs) in the game, thanks to a plugin called MyPet that players can capture, tame and turn them into animals. honey in my house.

These pets can help players get a lot of different jobs in the game, and even, they can even fight alongside you.

How to use the MyPet feature when playing Minecraft games

Conditions to win Mob into Pet

First, to be able to use MyPet, players must have the following conditions:

  • Rank level is in Premium or Premium +.
  • Recovery tool: Wire Wire is used to capture mobs in the game Minecraft
  • Then, to be able to catch mob as a pet, use the following command: / pettype [tên của pet cần bắt] To check if your rank supports catching them, but if you still do not know what mob is, read the article Find out the types of Mobs in the game Minecraft.
    • Premium:
      Pets caught by the Premium
    • Premium +:
      Minecraft my pet 2 premium plus - Emergenceingame

How to recover mob into MyPet

Use the capture tool to hit the mob you are trying to capture. Remember, to beat continuously, do not stop until that mob completely becomes your pet. This recovery is applicable to almost all mobs, except Cats (Ocelot) and Wolves (Wolf).

Refer to the article: The secret to tame wild cats, wolves, and horses in Minecraft to know better how to tame these mobs.

Pet characteristics:

  • After being tamed into pets, they are as hungry as playing animals. If they starve for too long, they lose blood and possibly die.
  • Pets can be used as mounts after they are completely tamed.
  • These pets also have their own skills, and players can fully adjust those skills for their pets.

Minecraft my pet 3 ocelot - Emergenceingame
Ocelot mob

Commands for MyPet:

  • / pcst: This command is used after you have got Pet. It will begin to choose skills for your Pet and arrange items on its body (if any).
  • / petname [tên mới của pet]: Name, rename your pet a new one.
  • / petinfo [tên của pet]: See all pet information.
  • / petrelease [tên pet]: When not in use, do not want to feed anymore, use this command to give freedom to that pet.
  • / petcall: A form of teleportation for pets. When executing this command, wherever you are, that Pet will immediately appear beside you.
  • / petskill: View and test all information about the skills your pet has.
  • / petskilltree [tên của mob bị bạn thu phục] [tên thang kĩ năng]: See information about the skill ladder of the Pet species (mob).
  • / peti: Open luggage for Pet. However, this command will not work if these pets are submerged in water or lava.
  • / petp: The command tells Pet to pick up things for him on his way (to use it, he needs the skill ladder HM – Utility).
  • / mypet: View all commands about Mypet.
  • / petbehavior (On / Off): Turn on / off pet friendly mode in the game Minecraft.
  • / petsendaway: Chasing the pet to another location.
  • / petadmin: See the commands applied to the pet for Admin.
  • / petstop: Getting the pet to stop the action it is performing.
  • / petchooseskilltree: This command will allow us to choose SkillTree for the pet.

Minecraft my pet 4 wolf - Emergenceingame

The skill scales of MyPet in the game Minecraft:

  • HM – Utility: If the pet is at level 20, its inventory will have an area of ​​6×9 squares and be able to pick up items 3 tiles away.
  • HM – Ride: If at level 20, the pet will have 9×3 storage spaces. Also, if used to ride this pet, its movement speed will be increased by 25%. If the pet has the ability to fly like a Chicken or a Bat, it will slowly drop its altitude and not lose blood.

MyPet skills:

  • Combat: Deals damage, heals, spikes (Touching a pet will lose health) and repels
  • Utility: Have Warehouse, Increase Health, Pick Up and throw poison
  • PvP (Combat): Deals damage, increases pet’s running speed, slows, sparks fire, reacts
  • Ride: Allowed to Drive Pet, Long Range Attack, have smaller inventory than Utility + Pick up, Run Fast, Spike, React faster than PvP
  • Farm (Also Known As Plowing Exp): Long-range attack and can hit 1 time more than 3, Has Warehouse like Utility, Thorn, Poison and Control.

Food for MyPet:

Minecraft my pet pig - Emergenceingame Pig: Carrot.

Minecraft my pet cow - Emergenceingame, Minecraft my pet sheep - Emergenceingame Cow, Sheep: Wheat.

Minecraft my pet chicken - Emergenceingame Chicken: Seeds (seeds, grains).

Minecraft my pet cat - Emergenceingame Ocelot – Cats: Raw Fish (fresh fish).

Minecraft my pet wolf - Emergenceingame Wolf – Dog: Raw Beef, Raw Chicken, Raw Porkchop (beef, chicken …).

Minecraft my pet doi - Emergenceingame Bats: Bone (bone).

The above article has just guided you some commands about MyPet as well as how to recover and use them during Minecraft game play. If you still find it difficult, please refer to the articles on how to play for beginners and see, practice, familiarize yourself with the basic commands in the game Minecraft to be able to play the game better. Hope this article will be useful!

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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