CCP season 3: How to use Xerath – the powerful Black Star cannon


Using Xerath – The Dark Star cannon is powerful and clear The arena of truth Season 3 brings into full play the power of 5 gold generals.


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How to use Xerath – The powerful Black Star cannon in Season 3 Team

Xerath – The newest member has just appeared in the 10.8 version of Truth Arena. Belonging to the Dark Elves and the Wizarding-type, Xerath, if used properly, will be a real “death” machine.

Xerath Skills: Summons random meteors to fall on enemies instead of basic attacks for 6/8/45 seconds. The meteor deals 300/400/2500 magic damage and if it kills the target, surrounding enemies take 150/200/1250 magic damage and are stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Xerath deals damage based on attack speed

Reading the skill of Xerath, we can see that this general is quite special. When using the skill, all basic attacks will turn into meteors and randomly shoot enemies on the field. That is, the number of meteors summoned will be based on attack speed by Xerath. The higher the attack speed, the more meteors will hit the enemy’s head. And more frightening, they fell random. That means, all enemy champions, whether near or far, can be “hit on the head” by a meteorite and take a huge amount of damage.

Xerath skill
Xerath skill

Don’t build a Wizarding squad for Xerath

Although Xerath is a Witch-type – A pure magic damage type, and the general himself also uses magic damage skills. However, both the current magical formations, the Star Guardians and the Witches, are not really suitable for Xerath. The Star Guardian provides mana for the VBTT generals to use continuously, but Xerath doesn’t need that, as he uses his basic attack when launching the ability. The witch has increased Magic power but lacks a resilient champion so that Xerath can freely drop the skill.

So if you intend to use Xerath, you should aim for two main lineups:

  • Using Dark Star: With the giant dame buff of the Dark Star system, in the end, Xerath will have a tremendous amount of damage. The chimpanzee also possesses additional physical damage and stamina, which is very suitable for playing Xerath. Using Karma to give Xerath a faster rate of fire and harder to die.
  • Use both Text and Witch: You can use Xerath in the combination of Text and Witch if you get more than one bow. However be careful as this formation is quite thin and easy to die.
Formation of the Dark Star Xerath
Formation of the Dark Star Xerath

Choose the right items


There are a few notes when choosing items for Xerath:

  • Are not use of mana boosters for Xerath: With low mana to activate, with just a few hand strikes, this general can use his skills. Furthermore, it lasted for a while. Using energy-boosting or energy-regenerating items would be wasteful to Xerath.
  • Should use items that speed up attack and magic power like the Rageblade, Witch Hat or even Cannon Barrage is also quite good.
  • Should attach an item to increase the survivability of Xerath such as Mercury Cloak, Trap Claw, Angel Armor … to help this general comfortably drop “meteor”.

I wish you success with Xerath – the general of the Darkness with the ability to control this meteorite!

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