Guide to search and use FIFAaddict


FIFAaddict is an extremely great tool to look up detailed information about the players. Players will easily choose and set up their own squad with the help of FIFAaddict.


Access FIFAaddict

Guide to search and use FIFAaddict

Look up players

The first and most important function of FIFAaddict is to look up player information. Fiffaadict owns a huge database of players, players can find detailed information about all players in Fifa online 4 here.

To search for a player by name, enter the player’s name in the box Player name then press the button Search to search. Or we can also search based on information about the league, team, continent, country … as well as clubs. In addition, information about bodybuilding, attack power, height, weight … can be used to find exactly the right object for the player’s needs.

huong dan fiffaaddict 1 - Emergenceingame

Calculate the player’s income after tax

FO4 TaxCalculator is an extremely useful feature. With this tool, the player will easily calculate the exact price of the tax payable by the player, as well as the player’s income.

To use this tool, we just need to enter the player’s purchase price in the field Price in the FO4 TaxCalculator on the left side of the website. If players have SVIP or VIP or other deductions, check the corresponding box in the section Discount. Once done, you will see the player’s earnings in the section Income below.


Top players on the rankings

In addition to the above features, FIFAaddict also provides a list of top players ranked by transfer value, fitness, overview … to help players easily grasp the trend as well as the players that are being hunted. . This list will be constantly updated, so you don’t have to worry about the current accuracy.

In addition, you can also compare players in the top with another player by clicking on the plus sign (+) at the end of the information line for each player.

Top player

I wish you a successful search and set up the desired squad with FIFAaddict!

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