Guide to riding pigs and horses in Minecraft

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Up to now, Minecraft has always been a game that attracts a large number of players, because when playing the game you can build anything you want, explore the vast world in your own way. Because the Minecraft world is so large, the player takes a lot of time to move and wants to move fast, you need to equip yourself with mounts!

So today, will guide you how to use horses, as well as pigs to move in Minecraft game quickly and conveniently. Please follow the article below:

Horse riding instructions in the game Minecraft

To ride a horse you first need to prepare a yellow carrot, a saddle and a horse’s armor. But how to get enough of these, many of you must be wondering, right? Here, we will show you how to make each type as follows:

1. Yellow Carrot (Golden Carrot):

Yellow carrot for energy recovery, a yellow carrot can restore 3 bars of food. In addition, it is also used to process medicine, the main raw materials for processing yellow carrots are 8 gold seeds and 1 carrot.

Crafting golden carrots in Minecraft

Video instructions for making yellow carrots:

2. Saddle riding saddle:

The saddle can not be built, but has to work hard in the mines or in the caves, finding places where Spawner is located. In caves, there is usually a Spawner place, next to those cages, there are usually a few chest next to containing random items, if no one has found this cage, you will find a saddle there.

Saddle rides in Minecraft

You should mine many times in the mineral deposits, because there are many S areas in these placespawn Mobs so you can easily find a saddle.

Video instructions for making saddles in Minecraft:

3. Horse armor (Horse Armor):

Horse armor used to protect horses is similar to player armor, but can only be worn on tamed horses. There are 3 types of armor protection: iron armor that increases 20% protection ability, gold armor increases 28% protection ability and diamond armor increases 44% ability to protect horses.

Horse armor in Minecraft

Horse armor can not be crafted, you have to go into dugoen with moss rock surrounded by 2 small chests and a zombie cage. In addition, you can go to the spider cave or the spider’s abandoned mine to go around 70% there will be a chest containing horse armor. Take the time to search and you will have horse armor!

Horse riding steps in the game Minecraft:

  • To ride a horse, you need to tame the horse (if you do not know how to tame it, you can consult how to tame a horse). Approach the horse that has chosen to feed him some yellow carrots.
  • Use your bare hands to sit on it, note that nothing in your hand, then right-click continuously on the horse. At this point the horse may not accept you, you have to try again until you see the heart icon pop up on the screen.

Click on the horse to climb onto their back

  • When it gives you control then click key E To equip your horse, you will now see a picture of your horse in your inventory.

Horses in inventory

  • You will see that there are 2 empty boxes, the top one you put the saddle in, and the bottom box you put the horse armor. These are the two most essential things for riding, when you want to quit riding, press the button Shift.

Put on the saddle and horse armor

  • If you want to keep the horse you need a rope and a fence, get the rope tied to the horse, and then right click on the fence.

Guide to riding a pig in the game Minecraft

To ride a pig, you must first prepare a saddle and a carrot fishing rod. The saddle can be found in the horse riding instructions above, while the carrot fishing rod you can craft by recipe 1 fishing rod + 1 carrot, to guide pigs while riding them.

Crafting carrot fishing rod in Minecraft

Video tutorial to make carrot fishing rod in Minecraft:

Steps to ride pigs, ride pigs in Minecraft:

  • First, you take the saddle and put it straight on the pig’s back.
  • Then, riding up and holding the carrot fishing rod, you just hold up in which direction the pig will go in that direction, but you cannot control it. If you feed it while riding it will increase the movement speed slightly by right clicking while holding the carrot rod …

Pig riding in Minecraft

Video tutorial on pig riding in Minecraft:

So from now on you can use pigs, horses to hunt, walk and move faster in your large Minecraft world. Isn’t that great? To play Minecraft game effectively, you also need to learn experience mine to get resources as raw materials to craft, how to get gifts in the wonders Or need to remember these Basic commands to control Minecraft game faster and more convenient.

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