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Our best Tactics shortcut setup guide has all the hotkeys players need to know, helping you speed up gameplay and make it easier to organize your squad or refresh your store. , does not take much time.

At this point, players can’t make changes to the hotkeys, so the best thing now is to get used to the default Tactics keyboard shortcuts. The following is a list of all the Tactics Arena shortcuts in the game.

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List of Tactics Arena shortcuts

Teamfight Tactics shortcut system

1. Mouse control the Arena of Truth

– Left click: Your default selection tool, move units around the board and drag items.
+ Drag: Holding the left mouse button and moving your mouse will drag the hero units to different locations on the board, from the bench and even sell.
+ Minimap: Left click on the minimap and they will take you to the player’s table you selected earlier.
– Right click: Check out Little Legend (small legend).
+ Champion: Right clicking on a champion will give you stats and details about that champion.

2. Teamfight Tactics keyboard shortcuts

– W key: Your quick deployment button, pressing W and hovering over a champion will help you bring them from the field to the table.
– E key: While hovering over a champion and pressing the E key, you will sell them back to the shop. Be warned, this action is permanent so make sure the sale is decided.
– D key: Refresh the champion selection store, one of the most important shortcuts to learn in the Teamfight Tactics.
– F key: Buy XP (experience), each time you click it, you will lose 4 Gold and exchange it for 4 experience points.
– Shortcut number 1 and number 3: Go to your enemy’s board. Key 1 takes you to the next board while key 3 takes you back to the previous board.
– Key 2 or Spacebar: Put the focus of your perspective on your Little Legend right away.
– CTRL + 1-4: While holding the Control key and pressing 1,2,3 or 4 will make your Little Legend perform an emote.

Hope this Teamfight Tactics shortcut system is useful and helps improve your gameplay the best. If you have any questions about the game, please comment in the comments section below, we will answer your questions as soon as possible.
Recently, the Teamfight Tactics has been updated to the latest version Things to know about the Truth Arena update 9.15 We summarize and summarize to help you understand the content to note, the hero’s buffs or nerfs or a few other small changes, you can refer to them here.

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