Top super strong squad climbing the rank of Tactics Arena Master

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After days of ranking, we have found super strong squads so that players can climb the rank of Tactics Arena Master, or higher positions on the ranking chart of the attractive auto-battle mode. this guide.

Today, we will bring you the Top super strong team to climb the Tactics Arena, helping you to have certain orientations in building a team to climb the Master rank. Let’s take a look at these typical lineups with Taimienphi.

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Combo to climb the rank of Tactics Arena Master

Top super strong squad climbing the rank of Tactics Arena Master

1. Ninja/Assassin

True to the name, the player builds this squad entirely based on the large amount of damage coming from the Assassin and plus a decent amount of damage from the Ninja effect. With such a construction, at the beginning of the game, players only need to combine 3 Assassins to get effect 1, and then to higher levels like 6 or 7, bring all 6 Assassins to the field to receive high buffs. Best. When you have 6 Assassins, it’s time to add Ninja and some strong CC generals.

2. Volibear

Volibear is not a squad but an Ice Country/Gladiator-type bear, with great skill and damage. Players often build squads around Volibear such as Gladiator (increases buffalo ability), Ice Country (causes multi-target stun) … but the main goal of the player is to have Cannons. Thanh, when he equips this to Volibear, he can weigh the whole world.

Top stellar figure climbing high rank high school chan ly 2

3. Devil

Demon, also known as Devil, this is a race with the strongest damage in the Arena of Truth, professional gamers often catch Aatrox when they appear on the board. With Aatrox you have many choices to combine, for example adding Kennen and Brand to get Elemental effects or Varus and Ashe to get the Archer buff. If the squad doesn’t have a tanker, you can put Aatrox on instead of this Devil’s health not being inferior to tank generals.

4. Swordsman/Sniper

The Swordsman/ADC squad is one of the easiest to build in all 3 stages of the game, Gangplank and Aatrox are units that cost around 1-2 Gold (very easy to increase to 2*). In addition, the equipment for both of these systems is very easy to get, Curved Sword, Broken Sword or Red buff all interact strongly with the buffs of the Gunner.

In the late stages, this squad may gradually lose its inherent strength but if you are lucky to raise 1 Gold units to 3* as soon as possible, victory is definitely within reach. Those who use this formation at the beginning will usually make it to the Top 4, without losing rank.
Hopefully, our article about the super-strong squad dedicated to climbing the ranks of Tactics Tactics Masters can help you in the future, in addition, you can also refer to some set up Tactics Arena shortcuts to have faster operations, making the process of catching champions or upgrading more convenient, without errors.

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