PUBG Mobile Lite officially launched global version gamers

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Finally, the wait has paid off, PUBG Mobile Lite is officially launched for everyone to download and play directly through the CHplay store or the App Store. PUBG Mobile Lite is developed using Unreal Engine 4, has a complete installation package of only 400MB.

As we know, PUBG Mobile Lite is a stripped down version of PUBG Mobile, the game is optimized in many ways so that it can run on smartphones with low configuration.

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Currently PUBG Mobile Lite has 2 servers in Asia and South America

PUBG Mobile Lite features when officially launched

– PUBG Mobile Lite Developed using cutting-edge Unreal Engine 4 technology, keeping in mind smoother gameplay on low-end phones that don’t have great processors. The complete installation package of PUBG Mobile Lite is only 400MB and is capable of running on devices with RAM as low as 2GB.

– Fast-paced gameplay: Unlike the original PUBG Mobile, where 100 players compete in a 30-minute match, PUBG Mobile Lite features a map where 60 players compete for 10 minutes. The last survivor will receive Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

– PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass: We all know PUBG Mobile’s Royale Pass launches with each season, bringing in new, exciting skins, skins, and other season-specific stuff. In PUBG Mobile Lite, instead of Royale Pass, there is Winner Pass with the same features as the classic Royale Pass. Each rank winner will unlock something new and exciting.

-Better aiming: PUBG Mobile Lite has advanced targeting support for more accurate aiming even at high ping. Standards are different for standing, crouching, and postural positions.

– What is Recoil? If a PUBG Mobile player would ask a PUBG Mobile Lite player about recoil, this is what the Lite player would answer for “What’s Recoil”. Weapon recoil has been greatly suppressed in PUBG Mobile Lite, allowing players to better shoot their opponents with up to 90% more hits on target.

– Heal on the Go: In PUBG Mobile Lite, players have the ability to heal while moving regardless of their speed, can even heal on any moving vehicle. The only exception is that you won’t be able to use the potion while on the ground.

– New map: A brand new map has been designed for this 10-minute limited game. To make the game more challenging and competitive, many buildings have been added. That is to say, the build density has been increased along with the loot frequency to keep in sync with the speed play of the past.

Download PUBG Mobile Lite

If you want to try PUBG Mobile Lite then you can download and play the game on your mobile phone by clicking on our link below, choose the operating system that is right for you.
– Link to download Android version: PUBG Mobile Lite for Android

Currently, players can only choose 2 servers in Asia and South America for PUBG Mobile Lite, unlike the original PUBG Mobile version, which gives you 6 options. But it can be seen that this is a big breakthrough when the game officially launches with a global version.
Not only playing PUBG Mobile Lite on phones, but right now gamers can play PUBG Mobile Lite on computer PC by using Android emulators, experiencing mobile games on your computer can bring many interesting things to you. Let’s try it 😀

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