Instructions for getting free SOMA and Costume Quest games

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Just in time for Halloween, Epic Games has released a few spooky titles for PC users to download for free, and starting October 31, Epic Games Store account holders have a chance to get SOMA and Costumes for free. Quest, a sci-fi game that combines horror.

If you don’t know what to play during the holidays Halloween, SOMA and Costume Quest There will definitely be 2 games that you can’t miss. Whether you like sci-fi, horror or an adventure game, there’s something for you.


SOMA Horror Adventure Game and Costume Quest

How to get SOMA and Costume Quest games for free

Step 1: As mentioned above, to receive free SOMA and Costume Quest games, you need to own an Epic Games Store account. If you don’t have an account, please register. Create an Epic Games account here.

Step 2: Then you log in to the official Epic Games Store website here, at the weekly free game section Free Game Every Week Click on the SOMA and Costume Quest game icons as shown.

Costume Quest Game Costume Quest

Step 3: Then click on each game, click Get to receive free SOMA and Costume Quest games. You can refer to how download games on Epic Games Store Taimienphi’s guide below for free

soma and costume quest on epic games store

SOMA, a sci-fi horror game that takes you to the Atlantic Ocean. As a member of the crew aboard the PATHOS-II, you’re dealing with some extreme conditions. In Game Soma, you need to find out the truth before it’s too late, the robot loses control and other dangers are lurking.
– Link to download PC version: SOMA for PC

First released in 2010, Costume Quest is a role-playing strategy game for audiences of all ages. With humor and lots of twists and turns, this game lets you build complete squads and go on missions. Along the way, you’ll make your character a champion and unlock more outfits.
– Link to download PC version: Costume Quest for PC
Now the real question is which adventure game will you download and play first? Download game SOMA and Costume Quest now for a fun and engaging experience on your computer system. And don’t forget to visit Taimienphi regularly to see our latest information and tutorials.

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