Top 5 strongest junglers in League of Legends 9.20

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League of Legends version 9.20 has a lot of changes with champions and items. In League of Legends, each version has champions that stand out more than other generals in their position. Here are the top 5 strongest junglers League of Legends version 9.20.

In League of Legends, the jungle position is extremely important when it comes to controlling the map, creating advantages for single lanes and managing big goals on the map. With each meta change, there are jungle champions that stand out from the rest.

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Current strong junglers

Top 5 strongest junglers in League of Legends 9.20

1. Qiyana

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Qiyana is asserting her superior strength in League of Legends, especially in the World Championship when there is a ban rate of up to 100%. Qiyana’s strength lies in its great mobility when it has 2 surfing skills combined with a set of terrain interactive moves that provide extremely flexible customization and response to different situations. Another strong point in jungle Qiyana is the ability to fight extremely strong against big targets like dragons or barons with the ultimate move Exploding World. Qiyana deserves to be the strongest champion in the jungle of League of Legends today.

2. Lee Sin

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Always the most popular champion in League of Legends, Lee Sin is gradually returning to the position of one of the strongest champions in the current jungle when receiving a buff from Riot. Lee Sin’s great mobility, ability to swing and single-player, put strong damage as well as create game-changing situations of Lee Sin has never let players down. The Blind Monk always deserves a high position in the ranking of strength in the jungle of League of Legends.

3. Gragas

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The rising Gragas is a true counterweight to the champions that deal physical damage in the jungles of League of Legends. With Enchantment: Divine Hope being strong, Gragas has now ditched the tank build entirely in favor of the Magic Power build. The amount of damage that Gragas contributes in combat is extremely large, combined with the ability to create mutations with his ultimate that puts Gragas on the priority list of most professional junglers. In addition, the extremely fast clearing speed with the entire skill set dealing wide area damage helps Gragas both farm and gank at an uncontrollable enemy speed.

4. Elise

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Elise has long been one of the most popular spellbound junglers. Possessing 2 forms with 2 sets of complementary skills, Elise is especially dangerous in her ganking situations. The huge amount of damage output, control, and strong turret make Elise always the first choice for squads that love to attack early and suppress the advantage from the opponent.

5. Rek’sai

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The Empress of Void is on the rise after slightly tweaking her kit. With the additional gem Rain Sword, which combines extremely well with current skills, Rek’sai has the ability to gank or single-handedly against a very strong opponent. Rek’sai’s turret ice is also extremely good when the ultimate can help change the target of the turret and follow the opponent very well. Rek’sai is often the choice to confront Lee Sin on the other side of the line. of Legends-9-20-53691n.aspx
Above are the top 5 strongest junglers in League of Legends version 9.20. If you have a more reasonable choice, do not hesitate to comment in the comment section below for everyone to know. League of Legends Wild Rift just launched a few days ago, how you can download and play League of Legends Wild Rift here.

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