Install and play the game Plants vs. Game. Zombies on the computer

Plants vs Zombies 650 - Emergenceingame

Angry fruit game Plants vs. Game Zombies have always attracted the attention of many players, because the gameplay is simple but extremely interesting. Participating in the game, players will have to plant trees to destroy the crazy zombies that attack your house.

So download Plants vs. Plants vs. Zombies. Zombies about settings to enjoy this unique strategy game. If you do not know how to install it, you can refer to detailed instructions in the article below

Steps to install the game Plants vs. game. Zombies on the computer

Plants vs. Plants Zombies for PC

Step 1: Download the game Plants vs. game. Follow the download link above Zombies, then double-click .exe file just downloaded to install the game fruit anger on the computer.

Double-click the Plants vs Zombies installation file

Step 2: Window Plants vs. Plants Zombies Installer appears, click next to go to the next step.

Installation interface Plants vs Zombies

Step 3: Immediately after that the game terms of use appear, if you agree with all the terms that the manufacturer offers, click on I Agree, if you do not agree, then click I Don’t Agree.

Install the game Plants vs Zombies

Step 4: Wait a while the installation is complete, if you want to play Plants vs. Game Zombies are always checked the box Launch game now. Then, press Done.

Complete the installation of Plants vs Zombies

Step 5: Click Play Trial to try the game. If you want to experience the full version then click the button Buy Now to buy games.

Try the game Plants vs Zombies

Step 6: Click the button Click to Start to start playing the game.

Start playing the game Plants vs Zombies

Step 7: The first time you play the game you will be asked to name the player. Please type your name in the box Please Enter Your Name, then press OK.

Name the player

Step 8: Here, you can customize the sound, set the mode to full screen or set up the display speed of 3D scenes.

Sound settings

Step 9: Click Start Adventure to start to experience the angry fruit game.

Play angry fruit game

Step 10: Here you will have to choose the right plants and arrange them cleverly so that you can wipe out the crowded zombies before they enter the house and eat your brain. The game has all 50 levels for you to conquer, but to pass all the tough levels This requires you to regularly play the game, brooding, understanding the strength of each plant Plant, as well as zombies to arrange so that it is reasonable to win.

Play the game Plants vs Zombies

If you want to play Plants and Zombies wherever you are, immediately download the Plants vs Zombie version for Mobile in the download link below:

Video instructions to install the game Plants vs. Zombies on the computer

If you ever love funny-styled zombies Zombie Tsunami then certainly the design of Plants vs. Plants vs. Zombies will make you happy. So install Plants vs. plants. Zombies to try to fight the evil zombies are every second of minutest “stalk” eat your brain!

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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