Coin Master: How to run spins, get free spins every day

Coin Master

Spin (Spins) is a way for players to receive rewards in Coin Master, and of course, all players want to make lots of spins. While the basic ways to earn spins have been shared in the article How to get free spins in Coin Master, in this article, will guide you in a few small tricks but will help you earn one. Huge spin amounts of up to thousands with just a few simple operations.

Coin Master

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Tips to receive free daily free spins Coin Master

Link to receive Coin Master free spin on

This is a very easy way to get spins, in addition to receiving other rewards. However, its drawback is the number of spins earned is quite small.

To see more rewards and turns, you visit the address: Column DATE (Date) will display the date of the reward, if the other day is passed, you will not receive any more. Press the button Get it now in column DAILY LINK to receive all rewards in the next column. After clicking, players will be forwarded to the Coin Master application to receive live leaders in the game.

Get free spins through rewarding apps

In addition to receiving rewards via the website, players can download a number of apps to receive live app spins.

Daily Spin and Coin for AndroidDaily Spins and Coin for iOS

Or you can also download other apps by going to Google Play or the App Store and searching for them. The keyword could be Daily Spin, Spin and coin, Free spin… There are quite a few applications for users to choose from to download and install, but should use apps that already have a certain number of users, to avoid hacking or viruses.

App spin

After downloading the app you open up and select the button Spin & Coin.

App spin

In the list of gift boxes that appear, click the button Open to open a gift.


Get spins through Facebook

Basically, the way to receive this spin is based on Invite friends to play with. For each successfully invited friend, the player will receive an amount of spin depending on his level.

First you need to remove the app Messenger of the Facebook on your phone (required). Failure to remove it cannot be performed. If you need to text, contact please download Messenger Lite – a miniature version of Messenger.

Next, go to your Facebook and type in the phrase “search”Spin running“To find fanpages or spin-off groups. Please click to join these groups.

Running Spin

Once in the group, please note the admin pin reminds of daily spin runtime. Each group will have different running times so it is best to leave the preview mode for the group so that when you spin you will be notified as soon as possible. The trick is to join more groups or pages instead of just 1 to get more spins.

When it’s time, you just need to click on the facebook link that the admin posted and make friends. Note is that each admin’s facebook acc will have a limited number of friends so please invite quickly before the turn ends.

Add friend

After making friends successfully, go to the game and press the button Invite FriendsThen send an invitation to play the game to the account you just made and wait for the admin to confirm that you will be collecting free spins.


Quite simple is not it. This way, if you work hard you can get a lot of free spins ranging from about 1000 to 3000 free spins.

Get turns through Zalo, Discord

In addition to Facebook, Zalo is also a very large social network in Vietnam. Therefore, you can completely use Zalo to earn more turns for yourself. How to do it is very simple, find a group running Zalo and join that group. For example, Group Zalo SPIN FREE + SHARE LINK.

Once you have joined the group, watch the time that the group’s admins post the facebook link. Do not send spam messages in the group because it will lose the posted links. After you have the link to your facebook account, you do the same as the way to Receive turns via Facebook above to receive spins.

In addition, similar to receiving turns through Zalo, you can also go to the servers that run spin on Discord to earn more turns.

Wish you all success!

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