Among US’s gameplay is not expelled

Among Us With extremely interesting gameplay, it quickly climbed to the top of the game rankings in many countries. Posts will guide you on how to play Among Us as an imposter Impostor How long will it take to be expelled from the crew?

Tips to play the game Among Us as good as Werewolf

Among Us Have the same gameplay as Werewolf, survival and completing missions similar to Werewolf Online. Most players in a match will focus on fixing map parts by completing a series of objectives to escape. However, 1 to 3 other players on the team will be imposters. They have a role of sabotaging and eliminating teammates – Crewmate. These impostors are identical to the others and will need to maintain a cover if they want to win the game.

If these impostors are crowded and if there is enough suspicion from teammates, there is a high chance that the player in this role will be expelled from the group and lose. So what can you do to increase your chances of succeeding as an impostor? These Tips for playing Among Us Here can help you!

How to play Among US as an imposter

Don’t get attention in Among Us

Choose who is the imposter in the game Among Us

Outstanding always attracts attention, so inevitably, an imposter that is like that will soon be suspected right? Instead of going around potential victims openly, act as though you were completing a mission. Moving and standing next to computers, engines … The crew members work the same way, so an imposter has no disadvantage when playing with them and is harder to detect.

One way to stay suspicious is to join the discussion when a corpse is found. In the short discussion before voting the expulsion, the impostor needs to act like a Crewmate trying to win the game.

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While an impostor may lie and blame an innocent astronaut, you shouldn’t because in general, crew members are everywhere on the map. That is, any astronaut blamed by an impostor could have alibi if another crew member happened to be in the same area as them.

Complete silence will only cause suspicion. Therefore, the best discussion strategy is to pretend not to know, ask questions, try to determine who has been where … And when the team thinks already knows who the suspect is, agree with them. Even if it’s a real impostor, trying to prove the opposite will only quickly get you listed on the suspects.

Among Us

Act cautiously when you are an imposter in Among Us

Pretending to be suspicious is good, but the impostor still needs to find a chance to destroy someone else. Therefore, you should extend their time on the map so they can’t leave and actively build effective barriers to make assassination easier.

Vandalize whenever possible and close the door before someone dies. These actions will give the impostor a chance to escape the target’s pursuit. In particular, removing the light bulb can have a significant effect if there are only a few players left to remove. Similarly, a simple act of closing the door before killing an opponent will give the impostor a few seconds to speed up the escape if needed.

Avoid being seen in Among Us

Painting using ventilation holes if not needed

Obviously, an impostor needs to avoid detection as they are sneaking around killing people. Even if the player nearby doesn’t see you killing, the security camera can capture the action and you will be arrested for having clear evidence. This is a small detail but is often overlooked. Camera inside Among Us scattered all over the map. If the camera is blinking in red, it means someone is looking at the document from the security room. So, always remember to check the camera status before taking out your target.

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It is important to remember when role-playing an imposter in Among Us is not to be detected using the Vent. Ventilation is an ability only available to Impostor in Among Us. Therefore, if you are seen by an astronaut, you cannot deny your true identity. Avoid using vents if possible, especially when starting a table with lots of other people around.

In fact, some players just want to use the vent to escape quickly after destroying the target. Being caught near a corpse only increases suspicion so moving quickly to a place with no crime scene is justified. Just make sure to escape into an empty room. Avoid using ventilation systems to enter open or crowded areas such as cafes, management rooms or locations with cameras.

Understanding your teammates in Among Us

Choose your victim wisely

The easiest target to kill is the astronaut with no alibi. However, when playing Among Us, there are astronauts you want to choose as a top goal and need to take advantage of the rest to complete the goal.

An imposter cannot complete any quest. That means quests displaying animations like removing meteors, trash, creating shields and sending scans … will immediately prove someone’s innocence. Those are for sure the astronauts you need to get rid of.

On the other hand, you should free your teammate in question even in a situation where you can easily kill them. This will help reduce the pressure early. Make false accusations against an astronaut, even create a 50-50 scenario where a crewmate needs to vote on the win based on your words against another player. In general, try to get rid of as much of the crewmate as you know as accurately as possible.

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Among Us

Other useful tips for becoming an imposter in Among Us

  • Limit your conversation.
  • Learn mini-games so that you can clearly explain what you are doing.
  • Answer short and clear.

Above are instructions how to play Among Us as an Impostor – An Imposter. Hope the article is useful to you.

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