FIFA Online 4 unexpectedly tested in December and removed the squad of FIFA Online 3

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This information was revealed by Nexon at the press conference to introduce FIFA Online 4 on the morning of November 2, the game is expected to make a big turning point for the FIFA Online series when using the new generation Frostbite Engine technology. best to bring next-gen graphics and realistic gameplay.

FIFA Online 3 removed the roster and waited for FIFA Online 4 to test in December

Currently, besides the information about the FIFA Online 4 project that is being interested by many gamers, FIFA Online 3 is also asked many questions about his fate, Mr. Lee Jung-hyun, vice president Nexon said it will delete all FIFA Online 3 player data and will compensate gamers by redemption EP Point.

This EP Point will be used in FIFA Online 4 but it is not clear what it will be used for, the details of the compensation currencies in the game will be more clearly announced by Nexon in the near future. In addition, policy and compensation redemption rates in other countries that are still running FIFA Online 3 will be determined by the local publisher.

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In addition, Nexon vice president also said that it will schedule testing of the version Closed Beta first December coming and will be officially released first World Cup 2018Mr. Lee also thanked fans for accompanying FIFA Online 3 for the past 5 years, before that, FIFA Online 4 would introduce the demo version at the fair. G-Star 2017 takes place from November 16 to November 19 in Busan – South Korea.


You can visit the homepage of FIFA Online 3 to find detailed conversion and compensation information.

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