Startled with the game that combines Harry Potter with Rocket League

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If you are a fan Harry Potter and love Rocket Leagueyou shouldn’t miss Broomstick League. This 3v3 football game under the control of broom mages will enter the stage Early Access above Steam on March 5.

At first glance, Broomstick League looks a lot like Quidditch – two teams face off in a large arena, players will ride broomsticks and score points by sending the ball into the net of their team. However, the difference of Broomstick League lies in the number of people in a team. With a team of three, players in the Broomstick League need to focus on scoring and hindering their opponents, not trying to find the Golden Snitch like Quidditch.

The ability to fly and glide in the air sets Broomstick League apart from Rocket League. The brooms allow players to swoop, fly, and glide flexibly. Players can get the ball with the “ball magnet” skill and then gain momentum to shoot the ball into the goal.

Every player is equipped with a set of spells when competing. The spell set includes a blink ability that allows teleportation, facilitating defensive play. The ability to quickly glide can help the player steal the ball, while the explosive spell can be used to knock the ball out of the opponent’s hand, or cause the opponent to change direction. Combined with a wand-generated adversary, Broomstick League has all the ingredients perfect for an enjoyable experience.


Broomstick League will be available on March 5 on Steam. Readers can visit the game’s Steam page to update more information and prices.​

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