Gunny Mobi community evaluates the new version Happy Lien Dou

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Let’s take a walk with the Golden Chicken reporter around the game’s fanpage and group to listen to the feelings and reactions of those who have been with Gunny Mobi for the past 5 years.​

There are people who are really happy, looking forward, and there are people who are not satisfied with the new version. But that is to meet the expectations of the majority of Golden Chicken brothers in the past time. The things that have not convinced players will be completed by the Executive Board in the next version

“Very convincing, extremely convincing” – that is the inter-server competition hall

It seems that this is the feature that brings the most fun to the Golden Chicken community, they do not hesitate to praise the feature loudly, sometimes with a bit of humor. Now, from the new version Good Luck Lien Dou, each Gunner will be competing against all opponents in the whole country of Chicken. According to the majority of gamers, the launch of the inter-server feature is Gunny Mobi has really listened to the players and satisfied the community’s expectations.

The inter-server arena is extremely stimulating for gamers, and the launch of this feature is appreciated by the community as Gunny Mobi has listened to players

The new weapon is “cool” too!

Right from the moment of “teasing” the new version, the 4 weapons Super Karaoke-Thunder-Car and Wow Hammer Minotaure really stimulated the Golden Chicken community. Just adding more options for each Gunner makes the game’s weapon system more diverse. However, when owning these weapons, the Gunner brothers must understand each attribute to maximize their effectiveness.

Super Car is a new weapon that is receiving a lot of “superior” eyes from the Gunner brothers

Blessings? – “Delicious and online”!

A lot of Gunny Mobi players have exclaimed like that when viewing the news about the new version of the game, especially in regards to the Blessing feature. Gunner is quite interested by the activity of accumulating blessing stones, increasing character strength. The operation is quite simple, for characters from level 10 and above and applies to all Gunny servers.

Gunner praised the “Delicious” Blessing feature and invited each other into the game to continue playing

The loving corner that the community gives to the Golden Chicken

Besides certain feelings for the new version, Gunner also did not forget to share and understand the Game Executive Board with words of encouragement and suggestions for a balanced, civilized and entertaining Gunny Mobi environment. healthy. This is proven by each update and modification, the Executive Board has received a lot of feedback from the community.​

Not only compliments but also suggestions for Gunny to improve and bring the best experience for players

Another information that Gunny Mobi has just revealed is that the new server named S542 – Chicken Chuc Phuc will be released on 9/11. It is both to celebrate the new version and fulfill the wishes of the Golden Chicken community. In addition to the Happy Lien Dou activity, receiving newbie rewards, at S542 there will be more cute costumes such as Flying Lamb, Nam Rocker and Dodgy Snow. At the same time, the top server racing activity will also have rewards such as Super-thunder, Tieu Long Nu, Dragon Prince, Golden Ring…

The eye-catching costumes in the Chicken Chuc Phuc server

Five years have passed, Gunny Mobi has shown that in the heart of the community, this coordinate shooting game always holds an important place and they always want the product to have positive directions to satisfy players. The Executive Board said that after the new version of Chuc Phuc Lien Dou, the activities to prepare for the 5th birthday were also promoted to create an exciting playground for Gunner in the last days of 2019.

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