League of Legends allows you to buy skins right away from selections

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From version 7.11 League of Legends, will officially use the system to ban 10 generals in ranked matches, allowing to buy skins at the time of banning and killing old clients.

The new client system possesses outstanding advantages, is more beautiful, lighter, and consumes much less memory resources. The 10-turn ban system is only available on the new server, all players of both teams have the right to ban, 10 players will issue a ban at the same time. Please follow the article below to understand better:

The mechanism of action of the 10-turn banning system

With Solo Queue, the 10 champion bans system seems a lot simpler. Instead of banning 6 generals to choose 6 generals and banning 4 generals to choose 4 complex generals, without ensuring fairness, the mechanism of action will now be as follows:

  • All 10 players will choose the same champion they want to ban at the same time.
  • You cannot see your opponent’s bans until the ban is over.
  • 2 teams can ban the same general.
  • Finally, the banned champions will be revealed together and enter the general selection phase.

Therefore, the player’s role in the general ban phase is the same, everyone has the right to choose the champion they want to ban, so it is very fair.

New idea system

You can now purchase skins right away when choosing a hero on the PBE server. This feature has been waiting for a long time by many League of Legends gamers. Let’s experience the interesting features and beautiful interface on the new server.

Buy skin

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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