Call of Duty: Black Ops 4: Synthesize the best guns of the Blackout mode

Not out of the battle royale trend, Call of Duty has quickly developed a survival shooter style on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 called Blackout. With this game mode COD lovers will experience the battle royale style right on the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 game instead of having to install PUBG Mobile, Rules of Survival or Fortnite. There are many interesting things to explore in the Blackout game mode in the game Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 we need to find out. In this article, will accompany you to start participating in the fierce battle for survival with the most powerful weapons in this Blackout mode.

We will have over 30 guns divided into different lines in Blackout mode. Specifically, for each gun line, we will select the most powerful guns for easy grasping.

Assault Rifle



The VAPR-XKG gun because it is highly appreciated by the player in teamfights at close and medium distances. This gun is very popular with gamers by its high rate of fire and little recoil. For long distance gunfights, the VAPR-XKG is indeed not a perfect choice, but it is said to be the choice to play that best suits every situation in the game.

2. KN-57


KN-57: AR is easy to use, has high damage (40 damage / 1 bullet) and high accuracy, but the projectile speed is only medium, but its damage will make the face in range. almost become a disaster with the enemy. As long as you have a number of suitable accessories with a 2x scope, you can comfortably play in Blackout mode.

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3. Maddox RFB

Maddox RFB

The Maddox RFB is a great choice if you are looking for a powerful assault rifle in COD: Black Ops 4. The Maddox RFB has the fastest rate of fire in the AR series and the 40 bullet magazine allows you to outperformed opponents in close-range gun battles. The Maddox RFB is a great choice if you’re looking for a powerful assault rifle in Black Ops 4. It has the fastest rate of fire in the AR series and a 40-bullet magazine allows you to outperform your opponents at in close-range shootouts but be aware it has a lot of recoil. New players or veterans who need a reliable gun to master, the Maddox RFB is the right choice.

Tactical Rifle

4. Auger DMR

Auger DMR

Auger DMR is a gun that is suitable for many different ranges and can be said to be quite comprehensive in Blackout game mode. This semi-automatic rifle stands out because of its very high damage perfect for long-range shootings. Auger DMR is a single bullet gun, so to use this gun effectively, you must be a gunman with a good ability to aim. Very powerful Auger DMR can take down an opponent in just a few bullets.

5. Swordfish


The Swordfish is a fairly comprehensive gun that can be used in many situations. Gamers who love shooting Burst mode will definitely want to own this gun. Low recoil, can destroy enemies in just one or two shots. Burst is not suitable for melee combat but is a good candidate for long-range encounters. 1 note for you is that Swordfish does not have an Auto fire mode, but you can still fire bullets at the same speed if the click is fast enough.

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Light Machine Gun

6. Zweihander


Zweihander is the most powerful gun to destroy zombies with the ability to shoot both near and far. Because of that particularity, you can hardly find Zweihander in the refugee housing area in the east. Possesses a huge magazine, so it can cause extremely strong damage in a short period of time. With Zweihander will win almost any battle thrown in, against a human or a pack of zombies. Its fatal weakness, however, is its long reload time.

7. Titan


Titan is one of two LMGs in the game Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, so if you can’t find the Zweihander you can consider using this gun. Titan will have a very low recoil if you lie down or sit to shoot, along with the Titan gun with a fairly large magazine will help the combat progress continuously instead of the not-so-perfect Zweihander and long ammunition change. However, Titan damage level is difficult to compare with Zweihander.

Sniper Rifle

8. Paladin HB50 & Koshka

Paladin HB50

Paladin HB50 & Koshka are two very good sniper guns in the game. Paladin HB50 can take down an opponent with just 1 to 2 shots, while the Koshka has a fast bullet speed. In each case you can choose the gun that suits your playing style.



9. Spitfire


Spitfire has a high rate of fire and a lot of ammunition so when it comes to SMG people will talk about it first. The Spitfire gun is suitable for melee combat, it is not only powerful in Blackout mode but also one of the most powerful guns in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 because it appears as soon as you join the game.

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10. SG12


The first mentioned Shotgun in the survival mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is SG12. SG12 is the only automatic gun in the game, so this is the gun that everyone wants to own. SG12 is suitable for close-range shooting, at the beginning of the game SG12 is a very powerful gun, but the fierce battle later, the SG12 proved quite drowsy compared to the other guns.


11. Ray Gun

Ray Gun

The Ray Gun is the most representative gun for COD’s Black Ops series. Bullet speed is slow, difficult to use, but Ray Gun can destroy the opponent with a single shot.

Above is a list of the most outstanding guns of the Blackout mode in the game Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Hope you will quickly have in hand but the top gun as soon as the game begins.

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