How to trade in the game Minecraft Dungeons

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With all the successful monster killings in Minecraft Dungeons and looting of new and powerful equipment, a question arises: How to share your loot with party members ? will give you the answer in the following article.

You don’t know how to trade in the game Minecraft Dungeons? Assuming you don’t explore dungeons alone, Minecraft Dungeons is a game about friendship and mutual support in Multiplayer mode, so you might think there’s a way to share weapons or Artifacts you find. for his teammates. The truth may disappoint you.

how to trade in minecraft dungeons

Trading in Minecraft Dungeons need to pay attention to what?

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How to trade in the game Minecraft Dungeons

1. Is there a way to trade in Minecraft Dugeons?

trading guide in the game minecraft dungeons

The bad news is no. You cannot trade with friends in Minecraft Dungeons. Unfortunately, the loot is only for one person to pick it up, so you can just sit back and wait for this to change in the future.

Not being able to share at the moment doesn’t mean this functionality won’t appear in the game in the future. Minecraft Dungeons will receive content updates and will definitely get some rebalancing as well, along with potential changes. It seems that if a player requests the ability to share items with friends, Mojang might consider it.

2. Can you drop items in Minecraft Dungeons to other people?

There is no way to drop items you’ve earned to other players. Because the game has limited storage space, so if you pick up useless items, the only way to get rid of those items is to turn it into Emerald in exchange for equipment.

3. How to share items with friends in Minecraft Dungeons

As noted above, Minecraft Dungeons does not have a trading system. Items you find are yours only and cannot be shared with anyone or stolen by anyone. Consumables and Emeralds items are the exceptions and you will learn about them later in the article.

4. Weapons and armor

How to make transactions in the game minecraft dungeons don

Weapons and armor are items that are individually obtained. Therefore, if you pick up a weapon dropped from an enemy that dies at your hand, it will not be visible to your team members and vice versa.

Be it any armor and weapon, if it drops from an enemy a player kills it is only for that player and cannot be shared in any way. This decision of the manufacturer ensures that there are no pointless loot fights and according to many people, this decision is the right one.

5. Shareable things in Minecraft Dungeons

*Consumables – Consumables

Consumable items are different from weapons and armor because they are shareable items in a way that everyone can see their presence and get it to anyone who picks it up. That means that not only an individual player can see them, but all team members can see them. Therefore, the party should think carefully to decide which members should pick up which items.

One thing to note is that the items are consumable in the Chest. All players on the team will be able to open the chest once and get whatever they want but only one item per item.

*Emerald – Emerald

how to trade in minecraft dungeons game

Emeralds are the most important item in Minecraft Dungeons as they are the main currency of the game and are used to purchase various items from NPCs.

Players can also use the code in Minecraft Dungeons to troll friends or to have a better game experience. Refer to the summary article Minecraft Dungeons code for more codes.
Like consumable items, if one person on the team picks up an Emerald dropped from an enemy, the other party will no longer be able to obtain them. Therefore, it all depends on the shared spirit of the team members.

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