Minecraft: Better long-range crossbow or bow?

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Crossbow or Bow in Minecraft Is ranged weapon better? Let’s find out with Download.vn the difference between bow and crossbow in Minecraft Please!

Compare bow and crossbow in Minecraft

Difference between crossbow and bow in Minecraft

Crossbow in Minecraft

Crossbow – Crossbow is a ranged weapon that can use both bows and arrows as ammunition. Crafting a crossbow requires more steps, but it deals more damage than a traditional bow and arrow.

Recipe for making a crossbow in Minecraft:

Recipe for making a crossbow in Minecraft

In terms of damage, the crossbow is much better than the bow. Specifically:

  • Minimum damage: 6 hearts.
  • Maximum damage: 11 hearts.
  • Maximum damage with fireworks: 18 hearts.

To increase durability and damage, players can choose the following enchantments for crossbows when playing Minecraft:

Crossbow in Minecraft
  • Quick Charge: Reduces cooldown.
  • Multishot: Fires 3 bullets forward.
  • Piercing: Shoots through the target and hits everything behind it.
  • Unbreaking: Reduces durability loss.
  • Mending: Use EXP to repair weapons.
  • Curse of Vanishing: Disappears when falling.
  • Enchanted Arrows – Magic arrows can also be used for crossbows.

Bows in Minecraft

Bows in Minecraft

Bows are like Minecraft’s swords. It is the oldest ranged weapon in the game and doesn’t take a lot of materials to craft. You just need a stick and bowstring. Although the cost of making is not great, the bow is a good weapon for long-range combat as you explore the magical blocky world.

However, compared to the crossbow, its ability to deal damage is lower.

Bow damage stats:

  • 0.1 second heal – 1 heart
  • 0.2 – 0.9s heal – 5 hearts
  • 1+ seconds healing – 6 hearts
  • 1+ seconds attack – 10 hearts

Spells for bows:

Spells for bows in Minecraft
  • Power – Increases damage
  • Punch – Increases hitback range
  • Flame – Deal damage with fire arrows
  • Infinity – Just have one arrow, you will own countless other arrows
  • Unbreaking – Less Durability Loss
  • Mending – Use XP to repair
  • Curse of Vanishing – Disappears on Fall
  • Enchanted Arrow – Magic arrow that can be used with a bow

In short, the bow is better than the internal crossbow Minecraft in certain situations. Although the crossbow has great damage with a wider range of effects, the cooldown is also longer. When combined with enchantments (must include Quick Charge), the crossbow can destroy a large group of enemies from afar.

Archery in Minecraft

However, the bow is the classic weapon in the game. Players can craft it right from the start Minecraft. Its value really doesn’t decrease much. In addition, you can use the Infinity charm so that you don’t have to craft arrows for the player. Other spells like Punch and Flame also power up by pushing enemies away and setting them on fire.

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