5 most effective Garena Free Fire rank climbing characters

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Free Fire has a huge character system, so choosing a character to buy at first is quite difficult. Because in Garena Free Fire each character has a different unique skill, so choosing a character to help climb the ranking is also very important. The following article Taimienphi.vn will introduce the top 5 characters that you need to conquer the ranking wars in the game Garena Free Fire.

The character’s skill is a super important factor in Free Fire. You will need to choose the character to help your team achieve the highest rank in the mode Ranked of the game. Outside How to climb Rank Free Fire that gamers need to know, in this article, Taimienphi.vn will list 5 characters that Pro gamers often choose and why you should have them first.

Top 5 players to climb the highest rank in garena free fire

Top characters that support gamers to climb the best rank in the game Free Firre

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Top 5 best rank climbing characters in the game Free Firre

1. Rafael

Top 5 vat climbing ranks garena free fire understand the most

Rafael is a simple sniper character, powerful in the hands of experienced players but otherwise it will take a lot of time, effort and money to reach its maximum potential. His skill Dead Silent will temporarily hide his presence on the map for 8 seconds. During that time, you can shoot all the enemies you want without being detected by the enemies on the minimap. You will need to invest a lot in Rafael because the character’s skills need 90 seconds to cool down at level 1. Rafael costs 500 diamonds or 25,000 coins.

2. Hayato

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Nothing beats raw damage, and the ability to pierce other players’ armor is an indirect way to increase this damage. Hayato’s Bushido skill increases armor penetration for every 10% of his max HP he loses. The best way to use this character is to leave yourself at low HP then snipe enemies from a distance to reduce the chance of revenge.

Since Hayato’s ability only works when you’ve lost at least 10% of your HP, it’s not a beginner character to use. You will get Hayato for spending 500 diamonds.

3. Paloma

Top 5 players to climb the rank in the free fire game are chosen by many people

Paloma has a rather underrated skill, which is the ability to carry ammo without taking up storage space. ARs are the most popular and versatile weapon in the game, and 9 out of 10 players will use them in the middle or late game in Free Fire. The ability to carry all the AR ammo you need without taking up space will save you room to equip more grenades and healing items.

Paloma is a monster in solo mode and you will find it more difficult to use this character in Spad mode because the character’s abilities are not team based. The price to pay to get Paloma is 25,000 coins or 500 diamonds like Rafael.

4. Alok

Help to climb rank in free fire tot

Present in the list of the most effective rank climbing characters in Free Fire right after being added to the game, Alok is probably the strongest support character currently. The ability to heal Drop the beat increases movement speed and restores HP to allies within a 5m radius. This ability is strong in both attack and defense. You can use the character to restore HP after a battle or an enemy attack with great movement speed. At max level, the effect lasts for 10 seconds, equivalent to 50 HP recovery. Alok is definitely worth its price of 600 diamonds.

5. Kelly

But the first time in garena free fire is to climb the highest rank

Although the developer has added a large number of characters to the game, Kelly is still one of the most popular choices for both Pro and amateur gamers. Her ability is pretty simple – Dash will increase her movement speed while running fast by 6%. With this speed, it’s easier to move around the map, fight, flank attacks, and almost any other action.

This makes Kelly a “must have” super versatile character. She is one of the cheapest characters with 400 diamonds and 4,000 coins.

In addition to the above characters with Skill combo in Garena Free Fire It is also an advantage to help players win against opponents.

Do you already own any of these 5 characters? If not, quickly add to your squad to be able to climb the rank most effectively in Garena Free Fire. Along with that, the guns Assault rifles in Garena Free Fire will somewhat help you have a better choice suitable for each character more.

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