Instructions to change diamonds into money in the game Play Together

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Play Together is a life simulation role-playing game that is extremely hot today. In this game, money and diamonds are the two main currencies that make it possible for us to pay when buying necessary items such as: home decor, clothes, food,… However, in some cases when buying items, I don’t have enough money and can’t pay with diamonds, that’s why now this game allows players to play. exchange diamonds for money Easily.

If you are a player of this game but do not know how to convert diamonds to cash. To help everyone do this simply and easily, today, will introduce the article. Instructions to change diamonds into money in the game Play Together, invite you to refer to the article.

Instructions to exchange diamonds for cash in Play Together

Step 1: First, we will open the game Play Together and login game account mine.

Step 2: To make this conversion, your game account first needs to have diamonds. At the main interface of the game, click how many diamonds i have at the top of the screen.

Tap the existing diamond item

Step 3: In the section Shop At this point, click on Money star in the lower left corner of the screen.

Click on the Money star

Step 4: On the screen will now show the Packages to change from diamonds to money that we can redeem, tap on a package that you want to make the exchange for.

Choose a package

Step 5: At this time, the screen will display a window frame “Purchase confirmation, tap number of diamonds that you intend to convert into cash.

Touch the diamond level to change

Step 6: Finally, after successfully changing from diamonds to money, we can start shopping for money items such as furniture, costumes, food, …

Use cash that has been redeemed

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Wishing you success!

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