How to take corners in FiFa Online 3 effectively

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In stressful matches, what is the chance to win the match, the more opportunities you hold in hand, the more likely you are to win. And the corner kick in Game FiFa Online 3 is also a situation that offers a high chance of winning, take advantage of you! But how to bring the most effective corner kick? Or are there any corner kick techniques to bring the ball to a favorable position that can end the goal, perhaps not everyone knows?

So invite you to refer to the article below to understand the shortcuts to use in the corner kick, as well as identify the dangerous area that is most likely to penetrate the opponent’s net or what effective corner kicks are available. Best.

The basic keys and key combinations in corner kicks:

  • Breaking through: A, A + A + A (B, B + B + B).
  • Combined pass: S (A).
  • Call your teammates to join the coordination: C (RT).
  • Headed: D, S (X, A).

Note: Handle parameters are based on option “On the side”.

3 convenient positions to finish a corner kick in FiFa Online 3:

  • Area a: Located within 5m50 or also known as the goal area. This is the most dangerous area in the penalty area, easily scoring the most goal, just a gentle and accurate header is enough to break the net.
  • Area B: Located within 16m50 but outside the 5m50 area, also known as the penalty area. This area has a high level of danger that any attacking player with the ball can score in this area, just a suspension, header, team combination or a solo phase can score. goal.
  • Area C: Outside the 16m50 round, also known as the area outside the penalty area, less dangerous but very easy to coordinate, is a great opportunity for line 2 to finish scoring goals.

How to take corners in FiFa Online 3 effectively

Areas A, B and C are corner positions in FiFa Online 3.

4 most effective corner kicks in FiFa Online 3:

Option 1: Strike the ball directly into the penalty area:

When making a close-range cross, a cross technique is used A + A to bring the ball to the position closest to the corner, this settlement you will not go through too much goalkeepers and defenders. However, the ending angle is small, so the ending position will be difficult, so please pay attention.

How to take corners in FiFa Online 3 effectively

As for long-range crossings, the angle of the finish will be wider, but it is difficult to overcome the opponent and solid defender. If the ball goes into area A, it is necessary to adjust the wider corner, combining the technique of crossing the ball Z + D or Q + A.

Method 2: Coordinate with players to move along the border:

To make an effective corner kick, you should coordinate with the player to move along the border, to stretch the staff to gather inside the penalty area, helping the striker to have a more favorable position to catch the ball. Standing in this position, the angle will be much wider, helping the opponent to take the free kick more easily, quickly penetrating the opponent’s net.

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Method 3: Shoot straight into the goal:

When taking a straight shot, use the kick technique Q + A To do this, it can be assessed as the most difficult technique and it takes luck to succeed. When done, you need to adjust the angle to the 5m50 area and slightly to the opponent’s penalty area, adjust the strength and wait for your luck and the player’s ability.

How to take corners in FiFa Online 3 effectively

Method 4: Hit the ball for line 2 to finish the goal:

You choose the moment of falling in front of the 16m50 area, C area, so that the backline player crosses the ball strongly to break the opponent’s net. Choose the midfielder or defender with the best long shot, then see if they are in a favorable position to cross the ball to the point where the second line player can easily receive the ball.

When receiving the ball, the 2nd line player can either catch the volley quickly or catch the ball to take a long shot immediately or can also coordinate to turn on the wall quickly.

In addition to these 4 corner kicks, in FiFa Online 3 also Technical tutoring, Penalty shot technique good how to lead and kick the ball extremely effective to help you gain more experience to easily conquer the ball.

Please refer to Video tutorial corner kick tips:

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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