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What’s new in the Rules Of Survival update on April 18?

Rules Of Survival is constantly updating new features, making the battle for survival more interesting. In this April 18 Rules Of Survival update adds a first-person mode (First Person Mode), opening the National Arena feature, which is extremely interesting:

Rules Of Survival: Rules Of Survival

For details on how the April 18 update is, please follow the article below to understand better:

Details of the Update Rules Of Survival on April 18

New content

  • Add the first person view mode, after downloading the first person perspective, the player is free to switch between the first person and the third person.
  • Add charts for each country.
  • Open a new feature: National Arena (World Arena). In the game, players from the same country will gather to fight alliances from other countries (April 23 starts World Arena season 1).
  • Open the LiveStream feature, you can watch other players live in the arena.

Add the first person perspective mode

Basic experience

  • Adjust the character’s standing posture in the lobby.
  • Add sound effects.
  • Adjusted the item creation rule and reduced the number of items in the Fearless Fiord map.
  • Optimized many points of lag.
  • Optimized lobby features.

Improved interface

  • Adjust the size of Avatar in the lobby.
  • In the Fashion view, add the term display of the limited item.

Error correction

  • Fixed limited props error resulting in inability to login.
  • Fixed an issue where the nameplate was not displayed on teammates’ heads
  • Fixed a bug with Nang Rabbit, Bac Thuong Quy Vuong and My Hau Vuong’s hair display.

At 14:00 – 16:00 on April 18, 2018, gamers will be welcome to see the above changes. In addition to the PC version, you can also experience Rules Of Survival on the phone:

Rules of Survival for Android Rules of Survival for iOS

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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