Mistakes to avoid while playing Among Us

Những lỗi cần tránh khi chơi Amogn Us

Among Us It is harder to play than it looks. You can easily avoid these error playing Among Us Common if you know what they are.

Errors to avoid when playing Amogn Us

How to play Among Us It’s quite simple, but to win, you need clever tactics and constant innovation to want to win. This article will summarize you some common mistakes to avoid while playing Among Us.

Mistakes to avoid while playing Among Us

Do not check the status bar

Among Us's progress bar

While you can disable this feature, most of the time in the lobby the progress bar will be continuously updated. Tracking an astronaut while they are on a mission is essential to weed out any impostors. If a player is near the quest area and leaves after the progress bar updates, they are probably not impostors. However, if they are still standing around the duty area, and then leave without any change in the taskbar, then it may be the person pretending to be working on some dark conspiracy.

Complete the task alone

Works alone in Among Us

It’s important to remember when playing Among Us is completing the task as quickly as possible, but remember to always be vigilant. Some people find that they are overly concerned with something, such as paying attention to other people or completing a task.

If an astronaut was on a mission alone, they would be extremely vulnerable. Try to stay with at least one or two teammates by selecting a mission in a room where someone is already working. This will help you to have an ally or witness to identify the killer.

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Do not call an emergency meeting

Do not press the emergency meeting button in Among Us

The emergency meeting button is not only used to show the face of the person who jumped Vent, but also can help your team win or lose. The impostor just needs to gradually reduce the number of the crew down by equal proportions. This means that an Impostor will win when there is only one crewmate left or the winner will go to 2 imposters if there are 2 remaining crewmates.

Remember this calculation always. If there are only 4 crewmates and 2 impostors, press the emergency meeting button as quickly as possible. If the game continues, the imposter only needs to do a double kill to automatically win. The chance of winning is higher if at least 1 suspect is eliminated. If it was the real impostor, their chances of winning would drastically decrease.

Pretend to do the visualization

Pretend to be a visual task in Among Us

While quests are a great way to deceive players, it still has its downsides. Assuming visual tasks are the most risky because they often have a small effect on completion. Therefore, Impostor often avoids impersonating Visual Tasks. Instead, they often choose jobs where crewmate has difficulty verifying they have been completed.

On the other hand, when playing the role of an astronaut, players sometimes make the mistake of performing a visual mission by themselves. Be sure to get work done in the presence of a crewmate. They will be witnesses, “knock away” all doubts for you.

Be a lazy ghost

Does not work as a ghost in Among Us

New players often keep an eye on the astronauts still alive or waiting for a murder to happen. However, in Among Us, death is not all, they can still do the task to help the team members win.

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If you are playing the ghost Impostor, be sure to help your other teammate by closing the door so that someone else will trap or destroy the lights to make the astronaut’s movement more difficult.

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