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Performing a reset of Viettel WiFi is the way when the device is flickering and inefficient. Constantly experiencing network outages, high ping. Although this is not a radical way to end the situation, it is also the most common way that users can apply when having problems with Viettel Wifi Modem.

In the process of using, no one or manufacturer is 100% sure of their device without problems. So the work reset WiFi Viettel It is not strange if you encounter, there are many causes and reasons for your Viettel Wifi Modem device to fall into a state of sluggish operation and even paralysis.

how to reset viettel wifi

However, in this article we will not mention the cause, but will focus on helping you troubleshoot and handle the problem by resetting Viettel WiFi. There are 2 ways to reset Viettel WiFi with a normal “soft” reset and a “hard” reset. With a “hard” reset, it means that users have to install WiFi from the beginning because this way will bring Viettel Wifi Modem to its original state, if you do not know how to install Viettel WiFi, you should not apply this method.

Instructions to Reset Viettel WiFi, restart Viettel WiFi Modem

– Instructions to reset WiFi Viettel “soft”

With this simple way, resetting Viettel WiFi is just restarting, letting everything return to the state it was in when it first ran like we started the machine. This way not only helps you to quickly reset Viettel WiFi, but also any modem can be applied.

how to reset wifi viettel 2

There are 2 options for you to do it this way, the first is to press power off and let Viettel Wifi Modem off within 30 seconds or longer if you find the device is overheating then proceed to turn it back on.

The other way is to use a toothpick, a needle or a sim to insert it into the reset box, immediately Viettel Wifi Modem will restart and we have to wait a while for Viettel Wifi Modem to be configured to know your problem. has been resolved or not.

– Instructions to reset “hard” Viettel WiFi

Reset WiFi Viettel hard means you bring everything back to its original state, with this Viettel WiFi reset you must understand how to set WiFi password including how to install, how to change WiFi password and important things. The most important thing is to know the account name and password of your home network. If you are not sure, you can ask a relative or the operator himself to assist you in doing the above work.

how to reset wifi viettel 3

About how to do it, we just need to press and hold the reset button on the back of all modems, the holding time will be about 10-15 seconds until all the front lights are on and all at the same time, At that time we will spend to Viettel Wifi Modem and proceed to set up Viettel Wifi Modem.

Note when using Viettel Wifi Modem

In order for Viettel Wifi Modem to work effectively, with few errors, readers need to have certain knowledge about modems.

– Always leave Viettel Wifi Modem in cool conditions, with few obstacles or tight places that affect the broadcast as well as the durability of the device.
– Viettel Wifi Modem is designed to work continuously, but 1 week you should let Viettel Wifi Modem stop working for 15 – 30 minutes to be more secure.
– Regularly clean Viettel Wifi Modem, avoid falling into too many heat sink slots, affecting performance.
– Place in an open place, an area without thick walls or many walls to be able to broadcast most effectively.

Above are instructions for resetting Viettel WiFi as well as a few of our notes to help readers know how to reset Viettel WiFi as well as use Viettel Wifi Modem to be effective and durable for the longest time.

For those who are using Viettel Wifi Modem but do not know how to change viettel WiFi password, what to do is refer to the link right here, changing the password is the most basic trick to help you manage your WiFi more efficient, so know how change Viettel WiFi password This will help you avoid annoying neighbors who are always curious about your network.

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