How to rename Play Together VNG characters quickly and in detail

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If you are feeling that your Play Together VNG character name is a bit boring, edit it a bit and change the Play Together VNG character name to create a strong impression and attract other players’ attention with unique names. than.

You just moved house, transfer international Play Together data to Play Together VNG and want to change your current nickname, change the character name Play Together VNG to make friends with new players but don’t know how? Please follow Taimienphi’s instructions.

how to play together and play together

Change the name of the Play Together VNG character the fastest

Note when renaming Play Together characters VNG

– Rename the character Play Together VNG for the first time for free, from the 2nd time onwards you lose 30 Diamonds for a successful change.
– Character names are from 2 to 14 characters long (including letters and numbers).
– The character name when changing does not contain special characters.

Instructions for renaming characters in Play Together VNG

1. Quick Guide
Step 1: Open the game Play Together VNG, click Avatar.
Step 2: Select the edit pen icon, rename the new Play Together VNG character.

2. Detailed instructions
Step 1: Sign in the game Play Together VNGchoose Avatar figure.

How to change your name and play together?

Step 2: Press editing pen icon.

how to play together vng

Step 3: Continue to choose edge correction pen current Play Together VNG character name.

long-term relationship and play together vng

Step 4: Import new Play Together VNG character namepress blue button.
– Since Taimienphi changed the name of the Play Together VNG character for free for the first time, the second time onwards will cost 30 Diamonds.

how to play the game play together vng

– Notification appears Your name has been changedchoose OK.

Meow long time and play together fast

– Return to the main screen in the game, your Play Together VNG character’s name immediately changes to a new name.

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Recently, the Play Together VNG gaming community is passing on an extremely interesting trick, players can name the void Play Together VNGspace as your character name.

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