With these things, GTA 6 will let GTA 5 breathe smoke

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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is one of the most successful game series in the virtual entertainment industry. Throughout the 5 main versions and countless sequels to follow, Grand Theft Auto has never lacked the heat and strong interest of the gaming community. The nearest representative is Grand Theft Auto DRAW Although it has been on PC/Console for many years, it still shows its extremely strong vitality.

Although the latest sequel still has such great appeal, many people have begun to look forward to the next chapter of this cult series. Grand Theft Auto VI – GTA 6. Becoming a completely new version, this future version will definitely bring improvements beyond the mind compared to its predecessor. So readers, let’s sit down with Emergenceingame.Com to boldly predict the changes that Grand Theft Auto 6 will bring in the future, thereby letting the old version breathe..


Terrible graphics of terrible

GTA 5 has become one of the most beautiful games at the moment, pushing the graphics quality to the pinnacle of the genre. open world game. But with GTA 6, Rockstar will be ambitious to take this to the next level. We can hope for a world with strong vitality and realism, even each resident will have a unique appearance.. And yet, the city scene with houses and streets is detailed in detail. Every brick, every window… Expectations make us feel like we’re stepping into our own daily lives.

Anyone can enter the house

Anyone who is passionate about the open world game series wants every house and building in the game to be able to visit, step directly inside and see the interior. This is a dream that is probably still quite out of reach of the community, but GTA 6 can be partially realized. The prospect of freely stepping into a house on the side of the road, opening the door and interacting with each room that passes through… will indeed make us truly immersed in the virtual world. In addition, the chain of stores in GTA 6 is also expected to be improved many times over, with each store, although selling, will bring a different character, varying in style, although trading in the same type of goods. .


The main character is female

The core of the GTA series so far are all male characters, ranging from Claude, Tommy, CJ, Niko, to the trio of Michael, Trevor and Franklin in the latest version. But what if in Grand Theft Auto 6 Will we be with a female lead this time? The harshness of the criminal world with its contradictory stories, cold gun battles and countless intrigues, indeed creates a much stronger impact if accompanied by the image of a woman. The journey to earn the number of cheeks of a notorious female boss must also bring a new perspective to the player, creating a unique story in the history of the series.


Many different cities

Each version of Grand Theft Auto that goes through the community wants the area in the game to become even larger. Grand Theft Auto 6 version is certainly no exception when pushing the vastness in the virtual world to a whole new level. Perhaps we will no longer see just one city with mere suburbs, but instead several different cities… forcing players to become passengers on new long-haul flights or trains can come.

Crazy Fire

Freaking crazy in the middle of a large world while carrying a “basket of stars” with a flock of police and army pursuing, must have become a familiar image for any GTA fan. But imagine by implanting physical effects, Grand Theft Auto 6 will let us push that crazy mischief to a whole new level.


With man-portable missiles or even tanks and fighter jets, you can now blow up tiny houses in the blink of an eye, engulfing everything in flames. Even with skyscrapers, shooting directly at key structures and then watching them collapse with rock like rain… will indeed become a most memorable image. The ability to destroy everything also becomes a great engine for the player’s imagination, providing a variety of ways to perform missions.

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