Rules Of Survival: How to set up configuration on BlueStacks emulator

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When playing Rules of Survival on iOS and Android mobile devices, many low-profile devices cannot optimize the best configuration, especially devices running Android. At that time, you should ask for the help of BlueStacks emulator.

On this Android emulator, players can tweak the basic graphics levels needed so that the GPU on the computer can know the limit of their device. And even though it runs on the computer, it cannot bring into full play the power of the machine configuration, so you can set up as below this article to run Rules of Survival on the smoothest BlueStacks.

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Rules of Survival: How to customize the configuration when playing on BlueStacks emulator

BlueStacks BlueStacks for macOS

Step 1: On the main interface of Rules Of Survival, select Establish. In addition to this, the player can also change the settings while playing, but at that time you will have to restart for the changes to take effect.

ROS BlueStacks

Step 2: In part Set up your picture There will be customizations you should pay attention to such as:

  • Excellent: Set up high graphics mode, for high-end mobile devices and on the PC, your machine configuration must also be a bit high to be able to play smoothly in this option.
  • Balance: Mode helps balance graphics in the game with the hardware on the machine.
  • Energy saving mode: In this mode Rules of survival will lower the graphics quality to the worst level to reduce the performance of the hardware on the machine. Both on BlueStacks and mobile devices.
  • High FPS: High frame mode, for 60 frames per second instead of 30 as before, in this mode the configuration will be reduced a bit to speed up the frame to make the Rules Of Survival experience smoother.
  • Show damage: Display the amount of damage if you get damaged in the game, if the configuration is weak you can turn it off to avoid lag.

ROS BlueStacks

  • Scope Settings of Sniper Rifle: View mode in the game, including 2 settings are normal aim and hold to aim.
  • Teammate Mark Settings: The mode of displaying teammates’ icons on the map, including 2 types is to display ID, location or only display the number of teammates.
  • Vehicle Control: Control mode for cars and motorcycles of all kinds, including 3 settings respectively control like normal movement, accelerator type control and 4-key navigation control.

Step 3: Establish Mode shows you will have:

  • Scope Settings of Sniper Rifle: Includes two normal aim and hold settings to aim, used for in-game Snipers.
  • Teammate Mark Settings: The mode of displaying teammates’ icons on the map, one is to display ID, location. Second, there are only ordinal numbers.
  • Vehicle Control: Modes to control cars and motorbikes, including accelerator control, 4-key navigation and normal movement.

ROS BlueStacks

Left 3 control modes on the right include:

  • Classic Mode: The most basic control mode with 4 fixed control keys, fixed shooting, new players should choose this mode is the best.
  • Advanced Mode: Like Classic Mode, but the control position on the left is more comfortable.
  • Touch Screen Mode: Comfortable controls are available on both sides, and only for the phone.

Based on the specific characteristics of the above configuration and control settings, choose for yourself a setting that is most suitable to play on BlueStacks.

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