How to disable the Hextech system in the Arena of Truth (TFT)

Hextech system is a new character system in the game of dignity Arena Truth (Teamfight Tactics, TFT, TFTactics), this character system has the ability to disable the opponent’s equipment.

This is quite a dangerous thing, because the equipment system in the Truth Arena plays an important role in bringing victory to gamers while participating in this strategy game.

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How does the Hextech system in Truth Arena play?

Need to know, ability “Equipment lock“Hextech system has a great influence on gamers with” cumulative damage “gameplay. That means focusing all of their strength, equipping a few main heroes to carry the team.

Symbols of the Hextech system in the Arena of Truth
Symbols of the Hextech system in the Arena of Truth

This is usually the play style of those who have a habit of using tanks first to cornering the opponent, then Demons, Mages and Gunners will attack from afar. This gameplay provides maximum effectiveness and minimizes damage to the remaining champions (especially for teams without Assassin).

While playing:

Right from the start of the game, the Hextech generals will immediately throw a bomb at a random position in the enemy formation. At the same time, lock all equipment on champions within 1-2 cells from where the bomb explodes, the lock time is 8 seconds.

Only 8 seconds but with up to 12 tiles disabled, you can lose all your advantages and by the time your items are active again it’s too late. There is no special attack or defense power, but this feature of the Hextech system is one of the most annoying effects on the player.

Evenly line up to avoid being attacked
Evenly line up to avoid being attacked

How to fight the Hextech system in the Arena of Truth

If there is no countermeasure to this Hextech system, you can follow the following article of

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1. Equip items are for all heroes

The benefit of this approach is that unless all of your champions are within the disable range of Hextech (too black), the champions that are not affected can still fight with the support and effects of the champions. equipment is available. Thereby more or less fend off the enemy attack until the “lock” time is over.

How to counter the Hextech system's effect in The Arena of Truth
How to counter the Hextech system’s effect in The Arena of Truth

2. Arrange the generals evenly on the chess board

As just said, the Hextech bomb can explode with a range of 2 surrounding cells, so it is extremely wrong to use a team formation with these opponents. Spread your hero across the board, especially the generals with good, necessary equipment. This arrangement will minimize the number of champions at risk of bombs

3. Trust in Assassin

The Assassin Generals have the most distinctive and dangerous attack style in the game of dignity. They do not attack directly, but directly jump backwards and attack the opponent from the weakest position.

In particular, when the Hextechs have not yet bombed, Assassin has moved, so it is almost impossible for them to be affected. You can trust these champions and equip, making them a carry champion in solo matches against teams with Hextech.

4. Confidence

If you are confident that your champion, even if the item is locked for 8 seconds, can still hold and turn the game around then why not play in shock, just by packing and powering it up. If you are confident that the other 8 seconds will only slow your victory, then it is not too much of a matter of what champion you equip, how, or composition you use.

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