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FIFA Online 3 is the most popular football game today, participating in the game, you will become a professional coach, lead your team to the path of glory, be immersed in the atmosphere of the ball. rock frenzy. But how to lead your team to always win is not easy at all.

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In addition to the knowledge, as well as grasp the techniques, players also have to practice a lot and learn from other players. And one of those techniques is slot punching techniquesBut how to get the perfect slot? then please refer to the article below to quickly find the answer for yourself.

The secret to perfect slots in the game Fifa Online 3

1. Use the handle to poke the slot

When using the handle you can navigate precisely, avoiding vibration for the best ball path. When using the keyboard, it will be difficult to create perfect slots because of the lack of precision in some situations.

Adjust the handle to poke the slot

For example: When an attacking player of his team is being accompanied by many opposing defenders, a slot in the moment will help break through the opponent’s defense. But if you use the keyboard in this case it will be very difficult to navigate, as this slot punch requires a bit of a swing.

2. Good observability

The player’s ability to observe is important to deciding whether or not that slit punch is perfect? Because, you need to see the opponent’s loopholes quickly to respond promptly. This gaping technique requires you to be highly focused and have a long-sighted view, need to put yourself in the position of a plug-in midfielder, to see all changes and loopholes of the opponent.

Visibility is the key factor for the perfect crevice

To have a perfect slot you also have to practice technology through people Also, because no matter how beautiful you are, you will have to face the goalkeeper or the 1.2 remaining defenders.

3. Player selection

The player factor is very important to create the perfect slot, not every midfielder or striker has all the right qualities. For midfielders, it is necessary to give priority to players with short passes, long passes, and as high a vision as possible. Even better if the player has hidden stats like:

  • Through ball: Exquisite poke.
  • Long passer: Good long pass.
  • Play maker: Build gameplay.
  • One time passer: One-touch pass.
  • Outside passer: Outside.
  • Finesse shot: End of danger.

Pirlo is a midfielder suitable for playing slots

Typically for this midfielder form we can choose Pirlo.

As for strikers, it is necessary to have good speed and acceleration indicators, run smart, if there are more hidden stats Tries to beat offside trap, the better. Typically for this striker is Torres, Herry or Eto suitable for kicking.

Torres is the right striker for the slot.

Torres is the right striker to kick the slot.

4. Select the squad to play

Choosing the right formation as well as building the right strategy is very important for the midfielder and the builder to have the opportunity to hit the perfect slot. The right formation you should choose should be a formation with many midfielders such as: 4-4-2, 4-4-1-1, 4-3-2-1 …

You should adjust the low shot, the midfielder will wait for the striker to pass. The level of the cross must not be too high, to avoid the striker going deep into the penalty area, difficult to break the offside trap as well as speed up. As for the defense, you can customize it, except for the pressure not to be too high or too low, to avoid the midfielder retreating too deeply or rising too high to make it difficult for the attack. Pay attention to the midfielder always crowded in the middle of the field.

Choose the right team to play with the perfect slot

Above are some tips for you to optimize the slot-poking style in FIFA Online 3. In addition, in FiFa Online 3 there are many techniques that you need to refer to such as: Technical tutoring, Penalty shot technique good how to lead and kick the ball To accumulate more experience for yourself, conquer the ball easily!

Video instructions to poke slots in FIFA Online 3:

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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