How to play support champion in Wild Rift League

The name says it all, support champions provide support when needed to help teammates carry out their duties effectively in all phases of battle. Therefore, knowing how to play a support champion in Wild Rift Alliance Being good is very important and will provide you with some useful information about the support role in the following article.

League of Wild Rift is quite similar to the PC version – League of Legends, but Riot Games has made some changes when it comes to the strength of the generals. Most of the features in the game of Wild Rift Alliance have remained the same, except for the skills of some generals, which have been modified to a certain extent. Unlike before, a support champion not only supports an ally, but can also deal a significant amount of damage to the opponent.

How to play the best game in the best game in the alliance?

How to play the best SP position in Wild Rift League

The importance of the Support role in the current version of Wild Rift League is no less than any other role. To improve the ability to support when needed for teammates in the fight, we will learn together how to play support generals in Wild Rift League shortly.

How to play support champion in Wild Rift League

1. The role of support generals in Wild Rift Alliance

Initially, the support champion’s role was to help their bot lane efficiently farm and scale. Helpers will provide summoners, heals, shields, teamfights, or even block attacks depending on their skill set.

how to play the game in the league of toc chien

Here are a few of the roles of the support champion in the team:

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– Support champions cover the surrounding area on the map to locate the enemy jungler and can gank.

– Support champions can roam, similar to junglers and help champions in other lanes if needed (can even be combined with jungle and mid lane champions to destroy targets and a few turrets).

– They have to put wards in the areas around the road, so that ADC can freely farm.

– They should provide summoner spells, heals, shields, teamfights…

– They should not farm for themselves, but help the bot lane to farm (attack minions to reduce their HP so ADC can easily finish them…).

2. What it means to support in Wild Rift Alliance and how to do it

First of all, support means allowing teammates to do their job well: allowing them to kill targets, farm minions or take down turrets when possible. You can join your teammates to take down enemies if you play an active support by poking your opponents, using CC, or pulling them out of the way.

Remember that you don’t have to spend your life in support. Try to make decisions that make it easy for the whole team to win the war, such as roaming with the jungler…

3. How to choose a support champion

This revolves around the type of support you will be playing. For a tanky and skirmish support like Blitzcrank, you will go ahead and threaten the enemy. If you constantly pressurize, they will lose minions, EXP and may even lag behind in farming.

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how to play the game in the league of toc chien

For Support – Mage like Sona and Janna, you need to move constantly. You must never stay too far behind, but also never be overactive, because this type of support doesn’t have a solid defense. Of course, you can actively reposition, but only if you know your jungler is about to be ganked or your ultimate or Flash is ready, in case you need to escape.

In general, you should roam when you get the chance. If you learn to roam at the right time, you can create a big advantage for both your mid and bot lane. When you leave bot lane alone in lane, make sure it’s safe for them to earn solo EXP. You can also choose one of the best support generals in the Wild Rift League here to use in combat.

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4. What equipment does the support champion need?

Normal supports (based on the type of support champion you play) are key items for players whether they’re a tanky support or a spell-heavy support. Also, you’ll want to equip items that provide a buff to the whole team like the Ardent Censer for Janna, which increases movement speed for allies when receiving your shield.

In addition, another thing you need to keep in mind is the price of the equipment. Since you don’t earn a lot of gold as a support (you don’t farm and get gold from supports), you should consider the cheapest equipment, which saves the most gold. Don’t buy items that cost too much and bring little value because they will put you behind your opponent, who may be fully equipped with support items.

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Support champions play their part in making teammates shine in their roles and protecting them at all costs. A good support champion roams and helps all lanes, not just the bot lane in the team. And an even better support will synergize with the jungler and bring some really big advantages to the team, either by helping to take out the target or ganking together. To coordinate with the best support generals, you can refer to how to play bot lane in Wild Rift League here.

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