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Rules Of Survival offers a variety of firearms, melee weapons, and grenades. As for guns, there are 5 types of guns: Pistol, Submachine Gun (SMG), Shotgun (SG), Rifle and Rifle and Sniper Rifle (SR). Each gun has its own advantages and disadvantages for players to choose from.

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Shotgun is the type of gun chosen by many gamers when entering the last round, targets in narrow places. So what types of Shotgun are there? How to use the Shotgun effectively? Please follow the article below:

Shotguns in Rules Of Survival


The AA12 is a no-barrel gunshot Shotgun that is perfect for those who want to use it to get to the bottom line. AA12 has extremely high damage power, but the amount of ammo is limited, need to be recharged often.



M870 is a Shotgun gun that holds up to 5 bullets, with a great amount of damage in melee combat. Although the amount of ammo is small, if used correctly, it will become a lifesaver in both close range 1vs2, 1vs3 cases. M870 owns a very fast fire rate, high damage.



As a gun with 2 rounds in one ice, M1887 is really only for players with the ability to shoot with absolute precision. If you install a silencer barrel accessory, it will help shoot far away effectively, much more powerful.


How to play Shotgun effectively in Rules of Survival

The Shotgun is an extremely powerful gun in close, targeted combat in narrow places. Also, this can be used in close-range shooting, where multiple enemies are in close proximity. For the last round, all enemies will be close together, so the sniper rifle no longer works, but Shotgun would be the perfect choice. Also because the enemy is close, it only takes 1 to 2 bullets to destroy the enemy.

The way to play the Shotgun type of gun is also relatively simple, so players can easily get used to it. Each shot can make from 1 to 2 stray bullets, each stray bullet will cause 10 to 25 enemies, while in 1 shot can radiate from 7 to 9 small bullets, so super damage strong.

Shotgun gun

For this gun, when entering the last circle trying to find a tree to hide, just 1 to 2 bullets can destroy the enemy. Of course, it also depends on the distance, with the enemy using armor, helmets or not.

In addition, you can use Shotgun indoors, because there is little space to run the enemy, it will be difficult to escape the death bullet of this gun.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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