Minecraft: What should I do in the first 10 minutes?

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Minecraft, perhaps without saying anything more about this top notch game. There are no beautiful graphics, no good characters, even no specific plot, but the attraction of these blocks is still like a magic that is infatuated by millions of people and becomes a game not to be missed. .

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But just like in any game, Minecraft also has certain difficulties with the players when they first join. Although there are quite a few articles tutorials for newbiesBut really that is not really detailed instructions, so in the article below, Download.vn will guide you about the most important time, the first 10 minutes.

Immediately after being “born”, quickly look around where you are to determine what to do first.

What to do in the first 10 minutes on Minecraft

Seconds 00 – 59

Make a temporary marker (spawn) before you move, mark the marker in any way possible. Then quickly determine the location, the terrain where you are, and gather information about it for later use. If on land, find the nearest tree and go there, if on an island, swim towards the nearest mainland. Also, during this move, pay attention to the trees, animals and caves along the way, most likely they will come in handy later if you decide to stay and build a house here.

Achievements: Open the inventory to receive, then Punch any tree to unlock “Get Wood”.

1st Minute – 2nd Minute

Collect trees, or sand (if you are swimming). In about 20 seconds, the player will receive 3 – 5 logs (block). Remember, wherever you are, during this time Absolutely avoid having to confront mobs.

2 minutes – 3 minutes

Press “e” to create one Crafting Table (also known as Workbench – one of the most important things to start the game). Select the 2×2 boxes (1log = 4 games), then select on the received blocks above, when the crafting block is complete, right click on it to start using.

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Now, please create yourself the first tool, as the pickaxe, you will get new achievements and “Time to Mine” (see items how to make the basic tools).

3rd Minute – 4th Minute

Use your bare hands or a wooden pickaxe to dig a cave, and at the same time Collect gravel. It will not be difficult to find the cave entrance, if you are lucky, you will earn both iron ore and coal. Caves are often quite common in biomes, providing shelters for players in the beginning, but there are also many dangerous places, especially spiders, zombies, or dry skeletons. .

Once you have collected iron ore, or gravel, quickly get to work Create some new, better items such as: stone ax, sword, or iron pickaxe (how to make objects in the game Minecraft). If there is no more wood, there is no need to worry too much, if there is a fever overnight (see article how to survive the first night) you will earn more the next day.

The achievements received are “Upgrades” and “Attack Time”.

4th Minute – 5th Minute

Once we have weapons, mobs are no longer a problem (simple mobs), especially, we can get quite a lot of meat from the animals around there (if you remember their original location). If possible, get enough 6 pieces of meat. Luckily, you will meet sheep, do not kill them yet because they will give us wool, when it’s okay … it’s not too late to meat it.

With horses, they can be useful pets, try to tame them? Right click on the horse and then select install to reinstall it. Don’t be in a hurry because once can’t succeed right away, do it continuously until it stops, but never stand behind, you won’t want to get its deadly back kicks. Or can see the post How to tame mobs in the game Minecraft.

With wolves, although it can be tamed, the probability is not high and you will be in danger if you are attacked by them.

With a bit of luck and talent, you will meet and tame mobs of cats to chase away vines and earn more fish for you.

If there is no coal, go to the hillsides to find, or have to collect at least 16 records.

5 minutes – 6 minutes

Take a walk around and check the situation, find a suitable place to shelter. There are some players who recommend raising sheep for wool and meat later, but that is a bit impossible, because to do that, it takes at least 5 sheep at the same time. So if this is not possible, get wool and meat from them whenever possible.

6th Minute – 7th Minute

Now that the time in Minecraft is getting dark, if you are not an adventurous person, you need to find shelter in the villages built by previous players, or dig a shelter yourself. Remember, never dig straight down, as there’s a good chance you’ll fall straight into a lava, or some mob. The cross-digging, both convenient for up and down, collects a lot of resources, avoiding danger.

7 minutes – 9 minutes

Usually finding a village available is quite small, unless you are extremely lucky, otherwise use what you have obtained (dirt and wood, or stone) to give yourself shelter. Should crafting a few more torches to use for the light. One point that is quite interesting and is loved by many Minecraft players is the ability to create objects at will, without limitation. Create a stone fireplace, use your newly made torch to bake meat.

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If there is excess wood, try creating a door to cover the cave door, ensuring safety is never redundant.

9 minutes onwards

Minecraft m9 - Emergenceingame

Still keep the wool you make from sheep? Make a very quiet bed to rest your back on, if you want, you can also create a storage box. Then, eat and sleep to get ready for your second day in this magical virtual world.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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